New Albany man speaks out after wife’s, children’s body found in creek

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CNN – A New Albany, Ind., man is speaking out about the tragic deaths of his wife and two children. The three were found dead last week in a local park.

In one day, Michael Clutter’s entire family, his wife, 10-year-old son, and 6-month-old baby girl were taken from him. Their bodies were found naked in a creek in Binford Park.

“I wish somehow I could have them back. I mean, I would give away everything that I have to have them back,” said Clutter.

For more than 12 years, Clutter and his wife, 35-year-old Jamie were married.

“My wife was just a very sweet person, and she was the best mother to the kids that anyone could ever have,” said Clutter.

The last time he saw her and his two children, Brandon and Kaitlyn was before he went to work. It’s a moment he dreams about.

“I wish I would have just stayed home and prevented all this from happening, and that’s something I’ll never know.”

Investigators found a Bible in a baby harness hanging from a tree near where the bodies were discovered. The coroner ruled the cause of death for the children as drowning. Jamie’s cause of death is still pending a toxicology screen.

“I wouldn’t rule out a murder-suicide, however it’s too early to conclude that that’s how this tragedy happened,” said Keith Henderson, prosecutor.

Clutter says he doesn’t believe his wife could have killed their children or herself, and he also doesn’t understand how or why they were killed.

“I cannot think of any enemies what so ever that anyone of us could have ever had to let a tragedy like this happen,” said Clutter.

While investigators continue to gather evidence and interview those closest to the family including people in their greater faith church, clutter says he getting by day-by-day, minute-by-minute.

“I really miss them really bad.”


  • mary

    i think he had something to do with it………….. OR he know who did it……….. just look at his eye's he is not even showing that he care's that she is gone………. them poor baby's did not deserve to die and nether did she. ……………. just look into him he know's something and not saying ………….. what happen to them …….. and if he did not have any thing to do with it i HOPE they find the one or one's that did this

  • anon

    I could end up being a murder-suicide thing. She had the baby 6 months ago, maybe she had post-partum depression after giving birth; it can turn a good mom into a monster; look at Andrea Yates. Until they know more, this comment is pure speculation on my part.

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