Sex, approximate age of infant found in east side creek released

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The deceased infant located in an east side creek Sunday is a boy, said homicide detectives the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Detectives also determined the boy is around the age of a newborn.  However, they are waiting pathology tests to determine the baby’s race.

Officers responded to the 1500 block of Fenwick Avenue at approximately 11:08 a.m. Sunday after a resident in the area discovered the infant’s body in a nearby creek.

The cause and manner of the infant’s death is still being investigating and pending autopsy results.

Investigators said this could have all been prevented due to Indiana’s Safe Haven Law, which allows mothers to give up an unwanted infant anonymously without fear of being arrested or prosecuted. The law allows an adult to give custody of a baby less than 45 days old if the baby is dropped at a hospital emergency room, fire or police station.

Police are searching for the infant’s mother for questioning and due to concerns regarding her physical and emotional health.

Meanwhile, residents in the area are shocked.

“It’s crazy,” said resident Christopher York. “We wouldn’t expect it from our neighborhood, especially a neighborhood like this. It’s very quite.”

If you have any information regarding this case or the identity or whereabouts of the boy’s mother, please contact IMPD at 317-327-3475 or Crime Stoppers at 317-262-8477.


    • guest

      no reason for name calling i agree with your statement, but she is probably in HS and scared to death, without the proper knowledge and education that OUR America has, this is all too common.

      • sparkyavonlady

        It doesn't matter if "she's" in HS or not, she murdered a baby that didn't even have a chance at life , and for that, she should forefit hers. Nuff said.

      • Gleburke

        the baby could of been born dead you dont know so how could you make a comment about someone till the hole truth is out wow this is why the world is the way it is now cause people passing judgment on people based on hear say and what one person says to another.. God Forgive all of us on here passing judgment on someone we all know that you are the only one who can judge anyone in the end

  • 'Thor'

    "around the age of a newborn."

    The liberals should not be too upset with this since it's so close to an 'abortion', in fact they might say this women made a 'choice' and had the 'right' to abort this fetus since it was just born.

    I think all abortions are murder and my heart breaks for this child that was murdered as well as the over six million childern that have been murdered thru abortion.

    Now you liberals don't need to be bitter, hateful, heartless,and angry over this because it's just hyberbole on your part.

  • Loki

    wow Thor! people like you are the cause of things like this… let me guess if she hadnt done this she was probably just another mouth to feed on welfare to you.. not to mention it says "about" newborn which means baby was not newly born which also means you small minded jerk that any family member of the child could be responsible!

    • Allie

      Actually one can only guess that this child was thrown in a creek, therefore the mother either panicked or didnt have enough money to have the child and or aborition. The kid probably woud have been on welfare and food stamps. This might sound cold, but its reality.

      • Loki

        i vote republican thank you.. i just think you personally are an ass and making the rest of us look bad by spewing your banter on a thread about a dead child.

      • Loki

        now you sound like a racist POS.. but rest assured i am 100 white .. not on welfare and a working voting republican. but again you are still just an ass.

      • 'Thor'

        Loki. what you tried is called deflection. When you cannot compete in the arena of ideas you attack the source. Low-informed it is.

    • James

      It isn't political hate to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves. It is called caring. Caring when you don't have to, about some child's life you will never even have to know. Calling it "hate" to speak up for babies? That amateur Lefty talk won't work here…it is too transparent. A culture of death, where we have taught there is little to no value on human life is what's at work here, not people who are pro-life. You got that bass-ackwards Jethro.

  • Lena

    I just have to say to all the people that want to do this to their children I will take these poor babies off your hands! Don't harm inocent children other people will gladly take them.

  • Marine57

    So very sad…
    The mother didn't love the child as it is natural for a mother, but God does, for the child is now in heaven with Him – our only true closure for a case like this.

  • judy

    SOMEONE OUT HERE KNOWS SOMETHING THEY NEED TO BE A ADULT AND CONFESS UP IF U ARE A CHILD U COULD OF TOOK THE BABY TO THE HOSPITAL AND TOLD THEM U DIDNT WANT HIM and let someone adopt him and if u are a adult u need to get fixed u know what u could of done but someone knows who this child belongs to please do the right thing

    • guest

      the bad thing about this is this person has parents and the parents did not notice that she was pregnant and why in the hell did they not step up and help their child and have a talk with that child to help her make decissions but no one was on her side of course that lil angel is in heaven with GOD he is taking care of him now

  • Donna

    When did this HORRIBLE event become all about the "conservatives' and liberals'??

    It IS about MURDER, and ONLY MURDER! Every State in the US, allows a potential "scared mother," to take her newborn to any fire or police station or to a local hospital WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

  • rex salyers

    the mother could be being held captive or dead …lets just pray…that the person who did this finds a quick way to the big judge in the sky!!!!

  • 'Thor'

    The fake anger from you liberals is somewhat curious, that or you have eternal anger about anything good or involving common sense, which is the norm for most liberals.

    How could anyone do this to a newborn or even a dead child? Why are young people killing others at an alarming rate? Why are the mass murders of late (the last ten years) always young people, often medicated with pyschotic drugs? Why is there little value for life today?

    The answer is because of the liberals. Why do I make it political? Because evrything we do is political. All of our laws are politically motivated, or did you not know? We slaughter the unborn (more than six million so far) and people can't seem to understand why there is so little regard to life today. Is the slaughter of the unborn to blame for all of this mess today? No, of course not, but it does play a big part of why young people (who grew up in this era) have so little regard to life. We see the same thing played out all over the world, but no one seems to notice. That is sad.

    What ever happened to common sense values? Take a look around, it is not that hard to figure out.

    • Melissa

      LOL Thor I am as conservative as they come and I feel your posts spew hatred. Though I fully disagree with abortion myself, I wonder how you would feel about abortion if you knew it was only killing future "liberals?" The way you sound, it sounds like you'd be all for it then. Sounds awfully hypocritical to claim to value life so much and then talk like that about the precious lives that have been preserved. Maybe you oughta look over yourself and take your hatred somewhere else.

    • Fishers

      You do know that, according to the CDC, the rate of abortions in this country has declined in recent years, right Thor?

      • 'Thor'

        I do. I also know why, do you? As you can see the damage has been done and it will take a lot of effort to correct.

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