Police find 200 pounds of contaminated food in truck during traffic stop

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Authorities destroyed approximately 200 pounds of food, after a traffic stop led to the discovery of contaminated food Saturday.

Indiana State Police said a trooper stopped a 2004 Freightliner truck on Interstate 74 in Ripley County Saturday for a traffic violation and to conduct a commercial vehicle inspection.  As the truck’s driver, 46-year-old Jerome Upshaw, pulled into a rest area for the inspection, the trooper noted brown liquid was leaking from the truck’s back door.

During an inspection of the truck, police said open boxes containing vegetables were sitting on top of boxes with raw chicken. An official with the Ripley County Health Department was then dispatched to the scene for further inspection.

The health official reported finding approximately 16 boxes of broccoli, egg roll fillings, poultry and cabbage that were unfit for human consumption due to unsafe handling and cross contamination issues.  The inspector also discovered a whole chicken lying in a box of egg roll wrappers.

Police said the food was being delivered to Chinese restaurants in Indianapolis, Mooresville, Avon and Plainfield.


  • Miko

    Provide a list the restaurants that are contracting with these delivery companies. When nobody eats at the establishments, they'll be forced to use legitimate delivery companies with refridgerated trucks.

    • Mettaintheworld

      That's Fox 59 for ya….too worried about the almighty $$$ stop coming in and 'certain' people being upset with them. You're here to report, not make friends.

      • martinstucky

        You can find out other ways, like a stake-out or follow the trucks from the warehouse. I would like to know where this was going. There are not that many in Mooresville, plainfield, avon etc.

      • Gat273

        "like a stake-out or follow the trucks from the warehouse"

        You're too funny. I'll bet you watch a lot of TV. Just who do you propose will participate in these stakeouts?

        Some 20 something Fox 59 intern or reporter who are better suited at reporting on the Kardashians.

        Shrinking news budgets have gutted newsrooms. Gone are the days of real investigative reporting. I'm not talking about the hard hitting "compelling" crap that comes out during sweeps periods.

        According to a recent survey, most news rooms including this one are incapable or unprepared to do the kind of reporting you suggest.

        The days of Woodward and Bernstein are over. They were replaced with the standard "news" crew that consists of an older guy to lend some kind of legitimacy to the show, an perky long hair blond weather chick or older guys that are great when real weather strikes and the over the top sports guy who doesn't know anything about sports other than what's coming over the teleprompter.

        This isn't a case where Fox doesn't want to report, they can't but they can tell you what's trending on Twitter if you like.

  • Gwendolyn

    Can't believe it. People r mad at this being reported in the news and where it is going….. What ?? I would what to know this so I never go there and eat wow INTERESTING

  • Denise Spurlock

    As consumers who do not want to die of food poisoning, we have the right to the names of the places this death sentence called food was suppose to go to.

  • Nancy

    Let's get the board of health to examine the delivery trucks as they are being unloaded at ALL these restaurants!! Where IS the Board of health??

    • Gat273

      "Where IS the Board of health??:"

      Overworked and understaffed. Remember when folks were yelling for lowers taxes and such. Witness the results. Americans want all sorts of services but aren't willing to pay for them.

      You get what you pay for.

  • Guest

    ugg!!! some of my family live in Mooresville, there really is only 1 chinese resstaurant in town that we go to often. Thats so disappointing. At least twice a month someone in my family eats there.I will think twice about this now. It has always been a very clean, nice place to eat with good chinese food

    • Tucker

      I guess you should probably question anything named 'Dongs' right? Hahaha We eat there to …. so bummed out by this!

  • Tim

    Maybe they cant say because it is not part of public record at this time? Since the investigation is in the infancy stage it would be premature to say something that might not be true and then they would open themselves up for a lawsuit. I would have done the same thing if I would have reported it. Cant please some people!

  • Brad

    Maybe you should think about the fact that this is the only one Stopped! It not only here, it everywhere grocery too! Thats why we grow our own.

  • Deb Kauble

    I sure wish they would publish a list of the places that are buying from these kinds of people so I can NOT eat there and avoid getting sick. I just got over a bad bout of food poisioning and i am leary of ever eating out again at this point.

  • tink333

    Release the name of the trucking/food delivery company AND the names of all the restaurants on that truck’s route. In addition, shut down the trucking/food delivery company until they can demonstrate they understand and can comply with safe food handling regulations.

    • GUEST


  • Guest

    The company's name is Drop Ship LLC, formerly known as U & D Transport. Ran by nothing but Chinese. Not only did they deliver rotten food, there were a few occasions where a Chinese guy would piss in the trailer with food and still deliver to restaurants. This company delivers to all Chinese restaurants all across the Midwest, as far as Iowa and Pennsylvania. Someone I know was a former employee there and the stories. I WILL NEVER EAT AT A CHINESE RESTAURANT EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unowutopinionsrlike

    All the more reason to stay away from Chinese restaurants. I swear, they're trying to kill us all slowly, be it lead in our kids toys, poison baby formula, lead in our cookware…God only knows what in the food. GROSS!

    • A-Z

      Don't assume that all Chinese restaurants are bad. Just because there are some bad ones doesn't mean all of them are.

      Those who commit those kind of crimes, it's not their race that should be a factor, it's the unscrupulous person in charge who allow it to happen so they can make money.

    • A-Z

      Don't assume that all Chinese restaurants are bad. Just because there are some bad ones doesn't mean all of them are.

      You're making it about race when it isn't, it about the person or people in charge who have no morals and do these things to make money. You shouldn't assume what the action of one person or some people reflects everybody else that is of the same gender, ethnicity, nationality, etc.

  • Nila

    Yuck!! I have always liked Chinese Food, but I don' know whether I will ever eat at a Chinese restruant again.

  • Marine57

    Guess why it has become a health policy for me and my family that we never eat at a Chinese restaurant!

  • JayD2

    I agree with the rest on here, tell us where they were going and the health department should be watching on these places. For me, I pretty sure I am DONE with these places as much as I love the food I am DONE! It wasn't that long ago there was a story in the news where one of these places in KY was caught draging in a carcus from a deer that had been hit on the road. They tried to say that he was going to pack it up and take it home to his freezer, YEAH RIGHT!

  • JayD2

    @440york….Thank You for posting that. I just used that to look up the place we get take out from a lot. Bamboo House on Thompson Rd. OMG……I will never again buy from there. So many violations to make me sick…again, thanks. I'm going to put that web site into my phone to check ev every place I go from now on.

  • Vicki

    Well, my husband and I are done with Chinese restaurants! This is the second Chinese food truck I have read about doing this. I've always wondered why they don't eat from their buffets. Anytime I've seen any Chinese worker eating at their own restaurant all they had on their own plates was plain white rice…..now I know why!

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