“All Clear” issued at IUPUI after alert about possible gunman

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Officials at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis have issued the “All Clear” after receiving a report of a gunman on campus.

The original report came in around 12:30 p.m. after a student said she saw a man with a “long gun” on campus. Police later said they received two additional reports of a person matching the description.

In response, IUPUI, state and Indianapolis Metropolitan police searched the campus, going building-to-building in order to find that person. Students on campus were told to seek shelter and advised not to leave campus buildings. Anyone not on campus was told to stay away.

IUPUI officials called off the alert around 5 p.m., saying all buildings had been searched and no gunman had been found. Normal operations and scheduled evening classes are in effect.

The lockdown at nearby IU Health University Hospital and Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health has also been lifted.


  • concernedmom

    My daughter, a sophomor at IUPUI received a text saying "lockdown" but no info as to if class was cancelled. She drove to class and was able to park, walk to her building, enter it and then leave again while all this was going on. If this was a "lock-down" situation, as it says, it was not well conducted and improvements in communication throughout campus, as well as to students need to be addressed.

    • Jake

      Something wrong must have happened with her phone such that she could not have read the full message, as it told students not to come to campus.

    • Allison

      theres only so much officials can do keep ADULTS in a building on lockdown, or keep people away from the scene. your daughter should have contacted her professor via email, or Im sure the professor wouldve sent an email, OR she couldve used her best judgment as to whether to go to campus or not.

      I am also a student of IUPUI and decided it was better to stay home than go to a night class. Id rather be safe than risk anything and will take that up with my teacher who will probably agree with me.

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