UPDATE: 9-year-old boy at center of Amber Alert safely located, suspect in custody

Anderson pair face drug charges in Missouri after marijuana candy found in trunk

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SALINE COUNTY, MO. — An Anderson, Ind. pair is under arrest after Missouri State Troopers find drugs in their vehicle.

According to a press release from the Missouri State Police, troopers stopped a 2013 Hyundai Sonata for a traffic violation on I-70 in Saline County, Missouri.

During the course of the traffic stop, inconsistencies and deceptive behavior by the pair led the trooper to ask for permission to search the vehicle.

Police found 9.5 pounds of marijuana and 6.25 pounds of edible marijuana candies hidden in the trunk of the vehicle.

Randall E. Swallows, 46, and Andrew L. Manley, 22, both of Anderson, Ind. were arrested for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.


  • spokenword100

    Stupid! Can I search your car? Sure go right ahead its only filled with drugs and drug candies! I wonder if we don't require a search warrant will this nice cop look past all the drugs LMAO!

    • Marine57

      But if they say no, the police detain you while they get drug dogs to establish probable cause… and rightfully so because your NO to a search indicates that you are hiding something…

  • Tim

    The real stupid thing was thinking they could get away with this. Of course, they probably have several times, but greed does weird things to people..

  • southsideguy

    whats up with this? Hyundai Sonata in this story , the kid from carmel this morning and the guy killed last week , not a very good advertisment for hyundai

  • anon

    Those two must be their own best customers! They haven't got enough active brain cells between them to make 1 good brain! MORONS! I didn't think it was possible that anybody could be so stupid! Guess that's my last mistake til my next one! LMFAO!!!

  • local citizen

    I'm sure the cops will "misplace" the evidence in given time while this harmless couple fills up space in our jails. Especially the edibles.

  • jen

    i know some officials that smoke marijuana,a few doctors,some police officers and even really awesome lawyers,how can something that grows in the earth be illegal? its more natural than most of the food we eat! and i bet that some of you jusge pot smokers,get drunk and drive or maybe slap your wife around a few times!

  • Kenny

    They had some WEED!!! big deal!….they wont get much time 4 that…. no matter what other people think…. once they get good local attorney, and drag it out they wont get much. Post that bond and get back to Anderson…. remember…it was just a bunch of weed.

  • Bev

    I think the government is afraid of not getting their taxes off the sales. Next they will want to tax us on garage sales!

    • anon

      Don't give them any ideas! Most people just try to sell junk, most of it doesn't sell & it either gets thrown away or donated to Goodwill. Only things that sell well are baby clothes, which sell for almost nothing.

  • Dawndeena

    But this way drugs are rampant in Anderson, IN. People can't get a decent paying job to take care or their families! Our government needs to realize that!! If people had something to look forward to they wouldn't be looking for ways to escape reality!

  • joe

    carma is a bitch randy i fell for your little girls. but you got what u desverved. he is a snake watch out anderson he will turn just like his son did..

  • lilmomma02

    no one knows the whole story they just put wat they want but andy is my boyfriend n it was a stupid mistake cause the way randy was drivin

  • Slayer2

    The truth? Of the 46 million people living in poverty in America in 2010, the U.S. censusrevealed that 31 million were white. Ten million were black. Of the 49 million people without health insurance coverage, 37 million were white; 8 million were African American. Latinos of every race and Asian Americans represented the remaining largest ethnic groups.The face of poverty in America is overwhelmingly white, but as sociologist and professor William O'Hare explains in a 2009 study on children in poverty, the white American poor, especially those in rural areas, are "forgotten."

  • lisa

    Hang in there boys u will be back home in anderson with ur families before u know it and for the cho moe randy nor his son never snitched on anyone that was just u for raping his 13yr old



  • lilmomma02

    ppl need to grow up n quit actin childish its just weed everyone actin like they killed someone but no they didnt they need to worry about the harder drug dealers n not the weed ppl

  • Rick

    What people are overlooking is the drug problem that exists not only in Madison County but everywhere. Possession with the intent to distribute is and always will be illegal until such a time our federal government choses to legislate it. That is not in the foreseeable future. Tired of individual statements of "it's only weed." Regardless of it being a "God given plant", it is a crime nonetheless. Marijuana is a mood altering drug just like any other. Period. The older gentleman and his entire family live off of government assistance and his girls arent "little" by any means. This family is reaping plenty. It's called karma folks. Lets not blame this on the economy. Dealing drugs is their way of life. Sad.

    • A true friend

      You just need to get off Randys family and worry about ur own problems dude that means mind ur own cause it seem like to me ur pretty SAD!

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