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Carmel Arts Districts sees wear and tear

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The winter has been harsh on roads all over Central Indiana, but a stroll down the Arts District in Carmel reveals cracked pavement and crumbling bricks.

“Right here on Main Street, our street is actually caving in, flaking off,” said Former City Councilman John Accetturo.

He wants to know why the city isn’t doing anything about it.

“How can we have Automobilia down here? The International Arts Festival down here? And people come here and our streets are just crumbling?”

He said it’s Carmel streets have been crumbling on the east side of town for years.

Fox59 found out the Carmel Street Department has $1.7 million set aside for street repairs this year and Main Street between 4th and Keystone is on the list.

According to the Street Department, it was supposed to be repaired last year, but the project was delayed due to bad weather.

Acceturro is convinced $1.7 million will not be enough to fix the Arts District and other Carmel roads this year.

“We’ve actually lost about $12 million in repaving over the last four years,” he explained, “so a million and a half is not gonna fix our problems.”

Fox59 tried to find out how much repairs to the Arts District would cost and how much would be left over after, but we were not able to get an answer from the Street Department Tuesday.