Greenwood couple arrested after daughter, 3, found wandering around apartment complex

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GREENWOOD – Police arrested a Greenwood couple after their 3-year-old daughter was found wandering in their neighborhood.

Police said it’s not the first time it’s happened.

Police arrested Bunny Barton, 27, and Robert Barton, 29, on a charge of neglect of a dependent after neighbors found their daughter wandering around by herself at the Westminster Apartment complex Friday night. The little girl was not dressed appropriately for the weather.

When officers arrived to investigate, they found the couple groggy and “lethargic,” according to a report from the Greenwood Police Department. The couple said they all fell asleep, including their daughter, after they’d had dinner.

Another police report said someone called police on March 9 after finding the girl at the apartment complex in her underwear. In that case, officers couldn’t initially find the girl’s parents and sent her to a hospital. Bunny Barton told police that she and her husband would install additional locks to keep their daughter from getting out of the home.

According to the report from the March 9 incident, Bunny Barton became belligerent with officers while they arrested her for neglect. They arrested her on an additional charge of resisting arrest.


    • anon

      Drugs probably mixed with alcohol. Poor kid, she'd be better off in foster care- she won't survive these fools! I doubt they'd beat her to death, but God knows what she could get her hands on when they're too out of it to be parents! They need to grow up!

    • bunny bartron

      drugs – NO alcohol – NO. we had a breathalyzer it was negative we don’t drink asshole. and my drug test was NEGATIVE so fuck you. my attorney will be contacting you for defamation of character hope you have a good attorney bitch

  • Deb

    They look really messed up!! Some people shouldn' t be allowed to reproduce! Poor little girl hopefully this time someone will do something to help her and quit returning her to her "junkie/crackhead" parents. So sad…

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    WOW!! This is terrible and shocking. I hope to God the girl looks nothing like either parent.


    And I can imagine on the day she was conceived the dad came in drunk and high and said to the woman, "Yow shore is lookin my-tee fine ta me! Look here…you put dat dere bag on your head…no…no…put two bags on your head and I put one on my head and let me get some piece on earth! haw haw!"

  • disgusted

    I hope they drug tested these parents!! CPS will probably give them a 30 day warning or so before the drug test so most likely, they can clean up before the test anyways.. so disturbing.

    • bunny bartron

      actually we were given a breathalyzer which was NEGATIVE along with 2 drug tests that night which were NEGATIVE. & it’s not CPS. it’s DCS. they do NOT give you ANY warning as to when they’re giving you a drug test – know your facts before opening your mouth & making yourself sound ridiculous.

  • Drugged out

    WOW, they look like a couple of real winners don't they? Take the child away for good they don't deserve to have custody of her. She would be better of in foster care or adopted by someone who cares, they obviously don't.

    • bunny bartron

      our children are NOT in foster care & will NOT be adopted by anyone. they are well taken care of with us. you don’t know us to be running your mouth like that. hope you have a good attorney 🙂 mine will be contacting you & he’s pretty awesome I doubt you’ll ever find 1 just as good as him but hey good luck karma is a bitch huh?

  • RWL

    They will just wait until they find this little girl dead before anything is done, and then say "somebody dropped the ball.

    • Jeffrey

      It's people like you who make it difficult for us to fix situations such as this. You obviously do not care about the welfare of the child, as you are too busy sitting at home on your computer to actually step up and do something to help kids and their families. I take cases such as this on a volunteer basis with hopes of reuniting the families and fixing whatever issues are there. I take time away from my own family, on top of being a full time student, and singe father to do what you are too lazy to do. If you really care about these kids, than get up and prove it instead of bad mouthing parents.

  • Slayer2

    The truth? Of the 46 million people living in poverty in America in 2010, the U.S. censusrevealed that 31 million were white. Ten million were black. Of the 49 million people without health insurance coverage, 37 million were white; 8 million were African American. Latinos of every race and Asian Americans represented the remaining largest ethnic groups.The face of poverty in America is overwhelmingly white, but as sociologist and professor William O'Hare explains in a 2009 study on children in poverty, the white American poor, especially those in rural areas, are "forgotten."

    • robert

      one you dont know me or the medical care I receive. nice to see people judge others. I have taken very good care of my children and they always came first. This was an accident one I did what was asked of me to prevent my child of leaving our home. if your anyone with common sense you know the media makes things worse than they are

      • bunny bartron

        you’re a little too familiar with how DCS not CPS (idiot) works SO that means you have had an encounter with them as well. so don’t sit & run your mouth. our children are well taken care of. my drug test was NEGATIVE & I don’t drink. our children are NOT in foster care either. hope you have a good attorney because mine will be contacting you for defamation of character

    • bunny bartron

      don’t smoke it at all actually. my drug test was NEGATIVE because unlike how all you fools think – I’m not a junkie, druggie or alcoholic. it’s a thing called INSOMNIA. know your facts. my attorney will be contacting you for defamation of character hope you have a good attorney

  • None ya

    It sucks. He use to be a great soldier. Deployed a few times. Hope they get the help they need and the kid is safe.

  • fed upwithbadparents

    all CPS will do is have them to sign a safety plan, which consist of them signing that they promise never to do illegal drugs again.

    • Jeffrey

      You really should educate yourself PRIOR to posting, as DCS (CPS is NOT in Indiana) is NOT the only agency involved in this case. As a matter of fact, ANY time there is a CHINS case in the State of Indiana, there is yet another agency whom MUST get involved.


    • bunny bartron

      funny you know how DCS works – which means since you are familiar with things you too have probably been involved with them. so don’t sit & judge. and if you work for DCS you will probably be getting either suspended or fired for your comment. don’t worry my attorney will be contacting you about it

  • kari

    This is truly sad. Yes CPS in Indiana will likely slap the parents on the hand, come up with plan for the parents to do parent training, be drug free and return this child. I see it happen everyday. And one day she will roll into our lovely Regional Hospital with 2 legs in the grave when dad gets made at mom and she will be saved to live her life out with a severe traumatic brain injury due to being nearly beaten to death. Or she will stay quiet behind the couch and for years and witness the tragedy of these drug using, alcoholic parents and never experience love and will be another loss individual on our welfare list._Wake up CPS and do the right thing. Find her a home a 1,000 miles from here and give her one that will love her well.

  • Jessica

    There is a guy who found her this last time he almost got hit by a car when she rode her bike into the street. His name is Jason Linn and he lives in polo run. This guy went out of his way for this child that day.

  • jmaemt

    I find it amazing how people can jump the gun,and judge other without all the facts. Whatever happend to innocent until proven guilty— I know the facts of this case— yes, this is the second time the little girl got out, but the parents did install locks on the doors after the first time to try and prevent her from getting out. CPS even came to the house and approved all the precautions that they had taken. This smart little girl, pulled a chair up to the door, in order to reach the lock, which was high up on the door and unlocked it. The parents had gone several nights without sleep trying to ensure that their kids would be safe. They fell asleep, cause they were exhausted, not on cause they were on drugs.

    • bunny bartron

      my drug test was NEGATIVE. also if you work or use to work at this place during the time of the incident you are referring to – get an attorney now because his attorney will be contacting you for defamation of character along with my attorney as well. know facts about things before running your mouth.

  • IndyTink76

    riiiiiight…not due to drugs….lol….that is also why he was arrested and fired from his job, taken jail and made a fool of himself when they had to pull him and his pilled out self from a ditch…lol…what a winner you are friends with there buddy…you must be quite the addition to society yourself for even defending such losers….and look at "bunny's" (that name also points to the possibility of her parents being junkies…what a joke they are) look at her mugshot….smirking, high as a kite, both of them…trying to stay awake my butt…that is why they found crazy pills, kolonpins etc in their systems…she looks like a picker meth head, crack head whatever it may be, nobody spends an hour in the bathroom, not knowing what their children are doing, especially when they are that young…pathetic!!!!of course they were "exhausted" excessive drug use will do that to losers.

  • IndyTink76

    1st time it happened, possible accident, but the parents were not even concerned enough to look for their child or she would not have had to be picked up all the way from community south and not doing your job as a parent, both incidents within 6 days of each other and those were not the first times the cps agents were involved, there have been other incidents as well..really, are you that much of an idiot? COME ON LOSER!!! But hey if defending your saintly friends helps you sleep at night, go right ahead, I will sleep better knowing that at least one more child that was left to raise themselves will be in better hands. The 2nd time, you are flat out negligent When you take sleeping pills, morphine etc, it tends to make one a little sleepy…sounds like someone was more concerned with the high than the children…that poor poor poor child, she will be in a better place anywhere other than with those wastes of society, and the little boy?

    • bunny bartron

      fuck you you stupid ignorant fuck. my attorney will be contacting you for defamation of character hope you have a good attorney bitch. my kids are beautiful & amazing & extremely smart!! oh & for the record my drug test was NEGATIVE asshole.

  • IndyTink76

    they should have cut that woman off from having kids before she ever got started. I am a mother as well and with 2 parents in the home there is no reason what so ever that any of that should have ever happened. And they both just so happened to have the same pills in their systems…lol…and sleeping pills, know wonder they were "exhausted" ..jacka**. Don't worry about getting all upset about this since it wont get you anywhere but I got my point across and just so happens that I am bold enough to actually say what everyone else is thinking! Thank God, 2 more children in safety, for now atleast.

  • robert

    Since none of you know the truth about any of this. Take a good look in the mirror at yourself. Glad the media portrays everyone as losers or addicts or alcoholics, which we are far from. Thanks for your opinions good reading from ignorant people with no idea.

  • sara mariner

    all of you are the most judgemental pathetic idiots. you honestly believe everything you hear, read & see on tv, the internet & the newspaper?? pretty sure all of you need to check your OWN lives before being so judgemental to anyone!!! who knew you were suppose to look pretty & smile for a mug-shot?? have you ever been arrested? see that some of you have done a little research on stuff you THINK you know the full story to BUT you obviously are too ignorant to realize that not all of the pieces are there just cuz you read some of a police report. and you want to make fun of the girl for her name? & say grow up at the same time? check yourself before making stupid comments like that you ignorant pathetic jerk. all of you make me sick to my stomach to see how judgemental & cruel people really are. can’t wait to see these parents show all of your ignorant butts up & get their kids back. the kids were well taken care of…did it say why she was in her underwear? nope pretty sure it didn’t. did it say why the parents were SO tired? nope sure didn’t. did it say why the girl was so belligerent? nope that’s cuz the cop slammed her face in the wall at the hospital saying “I don’t give a f” after she politely asked to be arrested away from her children…bet that’s not in the police report & bet that police department will be sued & that particular officer will either get suspended or fired once all videos & witnesses are subpoena’d….you people are so stupid it amazes me how ridiculous you all are good luck with your own lives & you should probably start worrying about them more than criticizing others before KNOWING facts that aren’t being published.

  • sara mariner

    and the guy that supposedly found the little girl the last time…NEWS FLASH !!!! little girl is THREE her “bike” which is a TRICYCLE is on the patio so pretty sure your buddy Jason is an idiot & lied to you or whomever about what happened.

  • J.

    I find it funny that everybody on here who seems to know details of this case has found it necessary to conceal their identity. If you really want to get your point across, than why not type in your real name and actually say what you think.

    I do know the two people in this case, in fact, I was at the hospital during the first ocassion as a witness to what was said and everything which had happened. I have also babysat the two kids, on top of the other five that I have in my home. So, before you go telling me how retarded I am for who I associate with, how about looking in the mirror at the person who would rather degrade a person as opposed to actually get off your ass and help another person in need?

    We busted our ass for people like you who really could care less about those of us who can’t close out eyes at night for fear of what we may see. You don’t care about the price paid by those who suffer so that you may speak with the disrespect that you do.

    Yes, a little girl got out of the house, the first time daddy was working, and mommy was taking a nap in the living room. What parent hasn’t fell asleep in the middle of the day after your children fall asleep? The second time, was in the evening…you know, the typical sleeping time. Do you stay up all night long to watch a sleeping child, or do you sleep?

    I know more about this case than you will be able to read in a report, and from more angles than just the Police or the two people involved. So, until you know all of the facts, that you really should take a step back and show respect to those of us who’s life is devoted to assisting, not only people, but VETERANS in need. He has earned it by doing what most
    of you never had the balls to do.


  • jmaemt

    If you want to call me and idiot for trying to see the good in people, for being someone who believes that instead of judging others, we should try to help those in need– then fine go ahead and say what you will about me. When I see someone going through a rough time, I believe in being a good neighbor and trying to give them a hand up instead of kicking them when they are down. I firmly believe in "judge not lest ye be judged." In the bible, it says that we should love others and it also says, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone." I see a lot of people on here casting stones, and I'm pretty sure that they have all made their fair share of mistakes in life.

    • robert

      you got all the facts straight there. ill make sure to have my lawyer contact you on defimation of character. since you know so much about me!

  • scott

    I was in iraq with this piece of shit. He was a pill popper there too. Sad for the daughter. I hope they put her with a good family because the trailer trash that her parents are, she doesn’t stand a chance.. as for shit bag, defending our freedom, the kicked him out of the country for assaulting another sergeant. . He got kicked out of war… what a disappoint..

  • Jason Linn

    I was the guy who found this little girl in front of my building. She was with me for 20 mins before the cops arrived. It was hard to watch as she cried when they took her. I didnt know what to do but call the cops. I never seen this girl before . But I am glad she is ok.

  • bunny bartron

    my attorney will be contacting all of you for defamation of character along with ALL news stations for allowing these posts. hope you all have good attorney’s cuz mine is AMAZING & will fuck your shit up 🙂

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