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Hoosiers turn to alternative transportation as gas prices spike

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Gas prices spiked to nearly $4 around Indianapolis this week, just in time for Spring Break. The high prices are pushing more and more Hoosiers to change their lifestyles to save money.

Jenny Bauer carpools to work in downtown Indianapolis. Her cost-saving measures have allowed her to keep living in Bloomington, despite the long drive and high prices.

“I don’t think I could’ve done it if I was driving myself every day,” Bauer said.

It’s a saving that right now, we could all use. Right now, gas prices in Indianapolis are nearly 30 cents above the national average.

Some experts say they wouldn’t be surprised if prices go above $4 in the next few months.

For Hoosier Deirdre Westrate, it’s been enough to push her to take the bus to and from work every day.

“I really will avoid having to drive to work if I can,” Westrate said.

Public transportation could become even more popular, as gas prices continue to fluctuate up and down in 2013.


  • F**** the gas co.

    gas prices suck because people like me are screwed when trying to come up with alternative transportation since i work 3rd shift and a cab is more expensive than if i just drive but buses don't run on 3rd shift and they don't go to where i work gas is getting out of control and i call bs on the gas company's lining their gold pockets with the money us folks that barely make it as is and the government needs to step in and take action for us the people it will eventually get to the point if your not wealthy you wont be able to drive anymore there is no reason gas can jump 30 cents at one time and only come down a few cents if it goes up that steep drops need to be just as steep or close to !

  • jessica

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