Influential senator drops sponsorship of mass transit proposal

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INDIANAPOLIS – A bill that would remake mass transit in Indianapolis lost a key sponsor.

Sen. Luke Kenley, R-Noblesville, withdrew his sponsorship of House Bill 1011 because he couldn’t give the proposal his full support. According to our newsgathering partners at the Indianapolis Business Journal, Kenley said he was skeptical of the financial plan for the proposal.

The bill calls for Marion and surrounding counties to hold referendums on whether to raise local income taxes by 0.03 percent to fund a new transit system. The proposal would double bus service and add a transit line from Noblesville to downtown.

Kenly expressed concerns about the financial aspects of the plan, but said he thought it should be up to local governments to decide the issue. An influential voice in the Senate, Kenley chairs the appropriations committee and serves on the tax and fiscal policy committee.

The Senate’s local government committee is set to hear the bill Wednesday afternoon. The tax and fiscal policy committee would likely hear the bill if it passes.


  • Tyrone shoe laces

    Thank you Sen. Indianapolis has proven for the past 40 years even with forced bussing that utilized Metro that Indy cannot run a break even mass transit system. This boondoggle will hammer the already over taxed working stiff while only special interests profits.

  • DT Smith

    How refreshing – and unusual! A thinking legislator. This 'mass transit rat hole' is such a waste or our time and attention. Never . . . never has been any demand for this except among those very few goofs that have no idea of which they speak!


    the ppl of noblesville made him back down the support of the mass transit. they dont want everyone to have access to their community. probably threaten to end his terms if he went through with his support..

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Yes because everyone wants to get up to Nobletucky so bad.

      Have you seen some of your apartments lately? Nothing but PWT. It looks like the south side of downtown at times.


    nap town is not that big to have transit here any way…. they need to focus on getting better bus routes n bus services. its not like we are in chi town or atl where traffic is horrible all the time… better ways to spend money in this city than building a transit line… give the money to the community and police to patrol more and build centers for our kids to go play instead of the malls

  • Duke of Hurl

    This is a new tax. Furthermore, it will eventually require an even bigger tax because there is no way this boondoggle will ever come close breaking even.

  • Guest

    Great. It will never work. Look at IndyGo, always empty. One less thing for the taxpayer to worry about.

    • rhondaleebaby69

      It's empty because the routes are so scattered and the schedules so nebulous. If the train/high-speed bus had proper routes and came at regular 15-minute intervals, they would be packed.

  • Limited gov.

    We don't need this and more traffic back ups , show me where towns have put this and it is profitable . They need to concentrate on fixing the roads and quit worrying about downtown and gang land

    • rhondaleebaby69

      Downtown is the only reason that Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville, Greenwood, Avon, Fishers, Noblesville, Plainfield, Brownsburg even exist. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

  • rhondaleebaby69

    Mass transit is never "profitable" on its face. What it does is spur local investment and development as well as increase business, which is never included in the annual financial report because it is very difficult to measure. An added bonus is that it reduces traffic and reduces the need for parking (which is a very bad investment as well as utilization of valuable space).

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