IUPUI police: Three reports of gunman, buildings searched

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana University-Purdue University police provided a Tuesday afternoon update after receiving reports of a man with a gun on campus.

Capt. Bill Abston said officers responded “within minutes” at parking lot 59, where the gunman was first spotted. A search of the parking lot turned up nothing, so police expanded their search of the area to include buildings on campus and called in more help.

The initial report came from a student who said she saw a man with a gun at Barnhill and Vermont around 12:30 p.m. while she was going toward her car. She lost sight of the man, whom she described as tall.

Abston said investigators later received a report of a person matching the description at the nursing school. He said it was unclear if that person had a gun. A third report said a gunman had been spotted near Indiana and Blackford Street. Again, police were unable to locate anything.

Abston said police believed the reports were credible enough to investigate.

“We believe them, we respond to them, we investigate,” he told reporters during the briefing.

In response to reports that some students were still walking around campus despite the alert, Abston said, “We’ve sent another alert. Basically, seek shelter. Call us if you see anything.”

Abston acknowledged that police have searched several buildings and were still searching during the afternoon.

The school said afternoon classes were on hold.


    • chelle

      too many nutts roaming around, must take everything serious. Until it hits close to home, you will continue to feel that things are senseless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • guest

        Right – my daughter attends the School of Nursing, and believe me, it's not much ado about nothing!

    • Luke

      You say the most ignorant stuff. How about if your mom/dad or someone you loved was killed? or You, I think the world would be a better place If you went ahead and died.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Nah, the world would be one step closer to chaos because there would be one less person to check dumb azzes like yourself.

        Now what if a loved one was killed? What's that to do with someone roaming on campus with a long barreled firearm if it even happened.

        You may enjoy going through life cowering in fear because the media made you do so, but I and others won't.

  • rhondaleebaby69

    This is what happens when the gun nuts get loose. They want open carry laws and this is just a taste of what we'll hear in the news every day…

    • Josh

      Excuse me but what exactly happened to classify someone as a gun nut here today? No one was killed or even threatened. They didn’t even find a shooter yet.

      • anon

        So far, no reports of gunshots, just someone seen in the area with a gun. So far, no actual crime has been committed, just hysteria; until & unless he does open fire, he hasn't crossed a line.

    • Michael

      If you don't like Indiana gun laws and guns scare you so much then leave.Take your frittered a$$ and move to Illinois.

    • Anonymous

      Umm… correct me if I am wrong, but Indiana has open carry laws. Carrying a gun is not illegal in this state. You might want to do your homework. Also, let's assume that this gentlman actually did have ill intent and open fire. He would have been stopped a lot sooner by another person carrying a firearm in the area than if only the police responded. It took campus police, which are basically 2-3 blocks away from this location, several minutes to even get there, over a half hour to announce a campus lock down, and well over an hour and a half to lock down the adjacent hospitals-one of which is a children's hospital. (I know because I work there). Had this person decided to open fire or take hostages, the damage that he could have inflicted because gun fearing, 2nd amendment hating, freaks (I only say this in response to your "gun nuts" comment) could have been horrifying. Ever citizen not only has the right, but the responsibilty to protect themselves and the ones they love. You would rather everyone be a sitting duck.

      • anon

        Hope your daughter's ok; my nephew's on campus as well. Hopefully this will end with nobody getting hurt.

      • Chris

        I hope you took the time with your daughter to teach her to be proactive in her own personal safety and how not to be a victim. If not maybe its time. Sign up for some firearms training courses and apply for an IN License to Carry a Handgun. Educate yourself and you will be less affraid.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed Chris! Let us not forget, there were no threats, no shots, not even any gun pointing. Four hours of lock down for what someone supposedly saw is ridiculous.

      • Chris

        Ridiculous does not begin to discribe this obvious over reaction to an unsubstantiated claim of seeing a what could possibly be a weapon. Im not saying not to investigate, but to lock down the school for 4hrs because someone thinks they saw somthing is out right stupid. They should've known, and Im sure they did, in the first half hour that nothing is going on. The rest was just for show.

      • Chris

        Even if it was not Sigmund Frued who said it originally that does not make it any less true. If you are irrationally affraid of weapons you are not mature enough to be a functioning person.

      • Chris

        Just so everyone knows my fiance is also currently attending classes at IUPUI. She is trained and is more than capable of handling herself. She is also never completely "disarmed" even though she may not have a firearm on herside at all times she is never without a "weapon" and neither are any of you if you put your mind to it.

      • Chris

        I think so. 22 yo 5'10, Blonde, 130lb farm girl, likes pink, studying nursing. If you want to meet her just walk around campus and try to assualt all the women who fit that discription. She will be the one that jams her Bio book halfway up your @$$ before you get a hand on her.

        Btw, please know I'm kidding don't do that.

  • Anonymous

    Just FYI everyone… I am on campus. The only report is that someone SAW someone carrying a gun. He wasn’t shooting or threatening anyone. People get all ffreaked out about stupid stuff. With all the assaults and robberies we have had recently on campus, did anyone think he might be carrying it for his own protection? Last I checked, simply carrying a gun wasn’t illegal. Get a grip people. We are all stuck at work because people are paranoid.

    • JBF

      4 different people supposedly saw the same person in the description. Carrying a gun isnt illegal, and I'm not against guns, but what good can come of a man carrying a rifle around a university campus? Do you really think he was carrying a long gun around for his own security?

      • Anonymous

        Clearly, you are unaware of the constant crime reports here on campus, and the bodies that keep turning up just off campus in White River. IUPUI is a urban campus, where it begins and the rest of Indianapolis begins is not so easily defined. IUPUI is not as safe as some might like to think given this setting. I have been on campus as eithe ra student, and employee, or both for over 12 years. Also, from what I have read on all the news outlets, only one person allegedly saw a gun. The other witnesses saw a person matching the girls description of the man. Don't forget the affect of mass hysteria.

    • Allison

      becuase carrying a "rifle or large gun" is the best gun to be carrying. doesnt seem like protection for me. I wouldve done the same thing as the girl who called. safety first.

      • Anonymous

        You do if that is the gun you happen to own. Especially because you cannot own a handgun until you are 21, but you can buy a rifle at 18. Btw, if you read the final reports, the girl didn't actually say that she even saw a gun. She saw what she first thought was a musical instrument case in somebod's trunk, then thought it might be a gun, but didn't actually get close enough to tell or even have the guts to look what direction the guy went. She didn't even get the guy's hair color, license plate number, or IUPUI hang tag ID.

      • rhondaleebaby69

        OK. Tell the next 19-year old you see to buy a rifle and then walk down the street with it. I love watching those police video shows and Indiana has been sorely underrepresented!

      • Anonymous

        People get so paranoid and let fear of what might be, as opposed to what actually is, dictate theirs lives. If you ask me, she is guilty of terrorism (creating an atmosphere of terror). Five hours of infringed rights of students and employees (they had people blocking exits and had registration people and what not patting down employees just trying to come to work) and all the tax payer money that paid for the entire police force to be on campus is ridiculous. You can't cry "fire" in a crowded theater, you shouldn't be able to cry "gunman" at every music student. How retarded do you have to be to not be able to tell the difference between a trombone case and a "long gun"
        Liberty belongs to the thinker, bondage by fear to the sheep!


    Rhondaleebaby69, it's already legal to open carry a long gun in Indiana, why don't we hear about it everyday?

    • rhondaleebaby69

      Because most people are smart enough to not walk around waving a gun. But that's exactly what the NRA and their benefactors, the gun manufacturers, want. Fear and knee-jerk reactions is good for business. As Nick Hexum so eloquently stated, "guns are for pussies".

  • Guest

    I know it's kind of ridiculous to get this worked up over something that is most likely nothing, but you really can't blame anyone for being concerned after the Newtown stuff.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Scared fools! One little news report and everyone is sh##ing their pants.

    If you have loved ones on campus and are that concerned instead of being on the comment section of the news, go down and get them.

  • Anonymous

    All hail the police state!!!! Rights, what rights? They were patting people down at Riley who were just trying to get in to work this afternoon. Someone please tell me how a 60+ year old cleaning lady meets this description????

  • Gat273

    If the liberal anti-gunners would just let students carry guns on campus, none of this would have happened.

    English 101 students with heat could have been formed into hunter groups and cleared the campus quicker than the po-lease.

    It's a Jimmy Carter's fault.

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