Juvenile arrested following police chase in Carmel

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A 14-year-old boy was arrested following a police chase in Carmel, Ind. Tuesday morning.

Officers with the Carmel Police Department responded to the 1200 block of Golfview Drive at approximately 6 a.m. after a woman reported her vehicle was stolen.  The victim told police she left her 2009 Hyundai Sonata unlocked and running.

Officers located the vehicle in the area of Rangeline Road and 126th Street and attempted a traffic stop.  Police said the vehicle refused to stop and a short pursuit followed, before the suspect drove into a dead end and flipped the vehicle onto its side.

Authorities said the juvenile, from Indianapolis, then exited the vehicle and attempted to flee.  Officers set up a perimeter in the area to search for the juvenile.  Police said a resident in the area alert authorities that someone was lying in his backyard.  The juvenile was later apprehended with the assistance of a K-9.

The teen was arrested on charges of theft and resisting law enforcement. He was transported to IU North Hospital for minor injuries.

Police urge residents to not leave their cars running and unattended.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >It is unclear at this time what charges the boy will face.


    I can think of three charges right off the top of my head!

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Actually, at the time of my comment the article said just what I highlighted.

        Articles can and do change over the course of the day, you know?

    • guest.

      My property. On my land, my property should be safe. Let's not go blaming victims when there is enough blame for the peer and the parents.

      • guest

        I understand not blaming the victim and agree. But would you leave $16k sitting on your front lawn unattended and hope no one took it?

      • Mettaintheworld

        EXACTLY…I leave my car running to warm up every cold morning..in my driveway..on my property….just because the car is unlocked does that mean "oh, they deserve to have it stolen" ??
        Get a clue katy….that is just an ignorant statement you made!

    • Claudia

      There are plenty of people who have to let their car heat/warm up before they can leave. If the person had children chances are they were letting it get warm. If it's an old car maybe it had to run for a period of time before it could be drove.

      • anon

        If that's the case, she should've locked it; that's why you should have a spare key. Besides, was it really that cold out?

      • Mettaintheworld

        and THIS from the person who had to point out 10 times how 'I was the only one who gave my condolences to the family of the man who was shot'….What is cold to her/him may not be cold to you…who are YOU to judge? maybe their spare key was lost? geeesh.
        So it's the victims fault?

  • southsideguy

    so you mean to tell me they found the car , then chased it down , then chased the suspect after he bailed …., but impd cant even find the car of the guy murdered last week ? i know to different stories and two different departments but COME ON MAN !

  • Guest

    The parents need to be arrested too. Start holding parents accountable for what they let their kids do and crap like this will stop! I HAVE A DREAM ! Stop this animal crap now! Where were the parents? ? Or maybe it's time to make prison just that a prison not a resort. But mostly I feel the parents should be in handcuffs too.

  • Marine57

    I've heard that YOU are responsible for damages if you left your car unlocked and the motor running…

  • Bev

    The car should have been locked while they were warming it up, but let's face it. Who would think of a fourteen year old jumping in and taking off in the vehicle. What was he thinking or not thinking?

  • Stupid Comments

    I know that parents need to keep an eye on their kids but I remember when my son was a teen I drove him to school-watched him walk in and then he walked right out another door without my knowledge. I was never notified by the school that he was absent and I didn't find out till report came out and I saw all the missed days. Come on people. Parents can only do so much because child services have made it impossible to discipline our children. I got to the point that I called the police constantly so they could come and make him come indoors after kerfew or make him get into the car to go to church etc etc. I couldn't touch him or I went to jail for abuse. The system is responsible. Not the parents. Give me the right back to belt the butt and I wouldn't have had those problems. Point made.

  • mikes

    my questions is how did a 14 yr old indianpolis boy get to carmel and is who care if he is black or white he stole a car he rand from the police

  • Stupid Comments

    Everyone knows they are suppose to lock the car door while they are warming the car up from the cold. However, millions of people do it every day. It's more than likely a nice, secluded neighborhood with nice people living all around them. Or maybe they only have one key to their car and can't lock the doors while warming the car up. Some keys cost over a hundred dollars to have an extra made. According to the key and make of the auto. People should be able to warm their cars up in their driveways for a couple of minutes without them being stolen. Sad-Very sad society is full of theives.

  • effin_fedup

    Hope they let the K9 chew on him awhile before calling him off….but then he'll probably get the sh*ts. Heard they don't like dark meat.

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