Man never seen carrying a gun at IUPUI Tuesday

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New details are being revealed about the situation that put IUPUI on high alert for more than four hours Tuesday.

Police told FOX59, the woman who made the initial report now says she saw the long gun in the trunk of the man’s car.

IUPUI police say there are no reports of a man ever carrying a gun around campus, but they stand behind their actions.

It’s was around 12:30 Tuesday afternoon when a woman walking in a parking lot near the dental school that she saw a tall man with a long coat and a rifle or shotgun in the trunk of his car.

After she saw the gun, police say she ducked down and called 911.

Moments later, police converged on the area, but found nothing.

Officers interviewed the woman and began investigating.

Shortly after that, another report of a man with a long coat came in to officers, but Captain Bill Abston told FOX59 that he did not recall the report stating that the suspect was carrying a gun.

As campus police along with Indianapolis Metro and State Police searched buildings for the suspect, students, staff and teachers were put on alert.

Buildings were locked and students were advised to seek shelter inside if they were on campus.

Those that were traveling to IUPUI were told to stay away until police cleared the campus of the threat.

IUPUI notified those of the situation by phone, text messages, emails and by social media.

Some students told FOX59 there was some confusion as to what they could do and if they could leave the buildings, but others said they believed the university and police did a good job of handling the situation quickly.

“I think there was really quick response by the officials to get everybody locked down into certain areas where there were no windows and they locked everybody inside so there was no access from the outside. I think they did a really good job. Whether the reports were real or false, it’s just a wake up call to everyone that you got to be safe,” said IUPUI Junior, Gregory Femefiom.

After an intense search police gave the all clear never finding the suspect.

Captain Bill Abston said people at IUPUI are told to call 911 if they see anything suspicious or witness a crime.

Police are still investigating.


  • Mam

    Well, it wasn't concealed and he didn't need a permit to carry it but still could have ben a dangerous situation.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Again….fools! People were on this site besides themselves over nothing more than sketchy reports and overreacting!

    Also of interest is how the story morphed from one woman's panicked observations to three other reports of people "seeing" the man with the long gun.

    Scared little puppies!

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Also, now that people have seen what happens when vague reports are received look for copy-cat morons to start phoning in men with gatts just to see all the action take place.

  • RodgerRobot

    Well at least there was a gun and not Willie the janitor with a mop,, the woman should be charged with false reporting there is a difference between carring a gun around campus and having one in your trunk especially if the man closed the trunk and drove off.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      The story still isn't clear. Did the initial person say at the time of the 911 call the man with the long coat was walking around with the weapon or did she simply report she saw the man, the weapon in the trunk, and that evil long coat?

      What about the other reports of people who saw this lone gunman?

  • RedState_Vet

    And the wussification of America continues…. I thought I saw a gun!!!…. in a trunk!!!… and the guy was wearing a COAT!!! CALL SWAT!

    I fear for this country.

  • Dan

    It's not against the law to carry my firearm on campus. It is against the student rules. Since I'm not a student I'm not bound by that rule book. In I Diana you don't need a license to open carry a rifle or shotgun that you legally possess. You only need a license to carry a hand gun, which I do have. This is another case of sheeple crying wolf that an evil gun is going to kill us all. This is stupidity on the part of IMPD and campus police.

    • bobsmith

      When I was a student there, I carried a firearm. I would rather be a live and kicked out of school, than dead in the parking lot. I had a permit to carry it, and it stayed concealed. I wasn't about to walk around campus at night and trust campus police to protect me – they couldn't even change the headlight in their police car that was out for months!

  • Chase

    This is absolutely ridiculous. People are ridiculous. And fox59, you are not helping by blasting false shit all over FB and the TV. Wake up people. Half the shit you see on ANY news show, website, or otherwise is 90% Bullshiz, 9% Horseshiz, and a tiny 1% of truth and even then its exaggerated. Quit freaking out cause a someone had a coat on. it is like 30* outside. That is what coats are for.

    And yes the Z in shiz was on purpose.

    • Collens

      I used to believe everything I seen on the news…Until going through my Aunt's murder investigation. The detectives told us "Do not watch the news, we cannot tell the {full} truth and there will be many leads that are not exposed-We want to catch the killer, not steer him in a different direction"

  • Student

    Would you rather them under react? Considering what happens on other campuses whether it was a false report or not it's a big deal. It's better to be safe than sorry and I for one would rather them overreact for nothing then under react and someone gets shot.

    • RedState_Vet

      So we need to call SWAT everytime some one is putting their rifle in the trunk to drive to the range?

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      >Would you rather them under react

      I'd rather they take a sensible approach to matters. A scared or pranking woman phones in about a man with a firearm seen walking around campus. Had the proper questions been initially asked it would've saved a lot of time and resources as I believe they would've sussed out the truth a lot sooner.

      Of note, do you know why the local weather alert system people are constantly adjusting when to sound the sirens during severe weather? One of the reasons is because their old method left so many false alarms in its wake, people stopped reacting to severe storm warnings and tornado watches. Now the alert is sounded almost to the point where an actual twister is on the ground and almost on top of your azz!

      People are stupid and panic easy but do little to take their own safety seriously after repeated warnings fail to produce.

    • jjj

      I'd rather them get to the bottom of it. They cannot prove if this report was true or not, it displays their ineffectiveness.

      • RedState_Vet

        Or, more likely, the guy put his gun in his trunk, and was happily firing it at the range, with absolutely no idea the ruckus that had been caused by some over-reacting woman.

  • bobsmith

    911: what is you emergency
    Caller: I saw a man with a long coat on and a long gun in the trunk of his car
    911: In the trunk of his car?
    caller: yes, in the trunk of his car
    911: was he holding it on pointing it at anyone?
    caller: no, it was on the trunk of his car.
    911: again I ask, what is your emergency?

  • Italiano

    “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” Benjamin Franklin

  • Cameron

    Ask yourself this, which situation would you feel safer in: A gunmen comes into a classroom in which you and everyone else is in the fetal position against the wall, or a gunmen walks into a classroom with a couple of students who have the legal right to concealed carry a handgun while you and everyone else is in the fetal position against the wall. Think about it libbies, careful what you keep wishing for…

  • Doubtful

    The whole story was probably made up anyway. Someones mother didn't pay much attention to them so they have to get attention other ways. " I saw a man with a gun". OH REALLY!

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