Twinkies one step closer to returning to store shelves

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Twinkies are one step closer tonight to returning to store shelves.

A bankruptcy judge cleared the way Tuesday for the sale of Twinkies, Ho Hos and Ding Dongs.

Two private companies are spending more than $400 million to buy the brands.

Another company will spend $360million for the Wonder Bread and Nature’s Pride brands.

The products should be back on store shelves this summer.

It’s not known yet how these deals will affect the 850 Hoosiers who lost their jobs when Hostess went bankrupt.


  • Linda

    Meant to say that the people went on strike against the company the company didn't go on strike against them

  • imsolovely

    i bet the idiots that paid 100 and 200 a box for these on e-bay feel pretty stupid right about now lmao

    • mike kemper

      The people that lost their jobs over this, they should have first chance at the new jobs if they open up the bakeries they worked at. The company ran Hostess right into the ground, the union going on strike, was the only way for Hostess to be able to get someone to buy them, and open them back up. They were so far in debt, they could have never been able to sell it. This was the only hope for Hostess name to survive.

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