Company recalling half a million LED bulbs after reports of fire

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A company is recalling more than half a million LED light bulbs over fire concerns.

Lightning Science is recalling its 6, 8 and 9-watt light bulbs.

The bulbs were made back in 2010 and 2011 and sold under the brand names Definity, EcoSmart, Sylvania and Westinghouse.

The recall follows 68 reports of product failure, including several with visible smoke and fire.

If you have the product in your home, you should remove the bulbs from the sockets or lamps.

Call Lighting Science Group toll free at (855) 574-2533 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday for a free replacement.


  • Timmaay

    Another reason to buy a quality lamp from a company like Philips™ and not the cheapest possible junk at Home Depot. At 50K hours of service (vs. 1250 for incandescent) and 8 Watts (vs. 60), LED is smarter. Just buy quality. And for those use think incandescent are better…maybe candles are even more awesome.

    • Dave

      I agree with you Timmaay, but the unreasonable price of LED lights are driving people away. So, when I saw them on sale, I thought why not try them? CFLs absolutely SUCK for the price, they don't work in the cold, and they don't take vibration at all, so for the foreseeable future, I will stick with the tried and true incandescents. I have standard old bulbs that have been burning for over 10 years with daily use, and yes, the electricity costs more, but it would take years to recoup the cost of replacing them all with LEDs. Once the price comes down, I think we all will switch.

      • Timmaay

        I understand Dave, hang in there and the prices will be coming down. I sell industrial lighting and I've seen the wholesale prices drop dramatically over the past 2 years. LED's that used to be $60 are now $30, so we're going in the right direction. I also agree that CFL for home use suck! I just cringe when customers tell me they don't want to buy Philips or GE and would rather "save money" by buying some off brand at Home Depot… Then they're shocked when the lighting color doesn't match, lamps die early, don't dim when the package claims they're dimmable and so on.

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