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Data continues to show colder than normal weather likely over next month

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Weak front is now through. Colder air now in place

It appears we are stuck in winter.  That’s what data coming in tells us is likely for the next month.  Spring officially begins this morning at 7:02am but it won’t feel like it


The NAO negative number could mean little change in current pattern over next month.

anytime soon.  In fact the warmest day of the next seven days is only forecast to hit 42 degrees!  That is 12 degrees below normal by itself!


Next 15 days looking cool.

Why do we continue to see this cold pattern staying in place?  It’s due to a blocking high pattern off the East Coast.  This also coupled with the North Atlantic Oscillation steeply diving means no change to the current pattern is going to be likely over the next month.  This would seem to indicate a warmer than average spring for the Rocky Mountains and Plains States. Severe weather chances will be pushed down to southern Tennessee and south of that area.  Most of the Midwest will see temperatures below average for the next month.

Model data follows along with what other data is telling us.  Over the next 15 days the GFS and the Euro keep us cool.  This March won’t be one of the coldest ever, but it is one of the coldest we have seen recently.  In fact you’d have to go all the way back to March 1996 to see temperatures nearly this cold.  That March we saw the average March high of 35.6 degrees.  This March as of the 19th our average temperature is at 35.1.


  • dawn

    Hi Ron,
    Do you think our unusually cool temps are due to the massive spraying of chemicals into our atmoshpere?
    I do! The planes wake me up almost everymorning around 4:30.

  • anon

    "It appears we are stuck in winter." No, Mother Nature's just stuck on stupid. So much for "global warming"!

    • Dan

      Other parts of the world are seeing record warmth. You can't dismiss massive amounts of scientific data supporting climate change just because temperatures are colder than normal for a few weeks. I feel like I'm constantly correcting people on this.

      • Guest

        Dan, and what's new about other parts of the world seeing record warmth? Some of the hottest temperatures on record go back to the early 1900's. Was that Global Warming also? Weather patterns are cyclical, always has and always will be. Nothing that people are doing will affect that.

  • John

    The global warming alarmists can't grasp that straw. Record high temps are found in records decades old and still unbroken. It's the second day of spring and 13F in the Chicago area. Now they blame the unusual cold on global warming, it's getting beyond amusing.

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