Fishers residents voice concerns over proposed referendum

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It could soon cost more to live in one of the fastest growing areas of the state.  Hamilton Southeastern wants to raise property taxes to keep up with all the growth.

Most would agree something needs to be done, but a $95 million pricetag is too steep for some.  The population growth on the northeast side has been well documented.

“People have asked, ‘How do you know you are going to have this many kids coming into the system?’  These kids are already here,” said Hamilton Southeastern Superintendent Dr. Brian Smith

Two schools are bursting at the seams, the school system is asking its residents for $95 million to ease the swelling.

“If we do not pass this referendum, we are going to need about 84 portable classrooms at our buildings,” said Smith.  “That is our next option.  People have asked, ‘What happens if the referendum does not pass?’  It is really that serious.

School officials said the money builds classrooms for an extra 2,000 students between the two high schools.  The money would also pay for a number of other programs in facilities already in place.

“We want to maintain the very best in schools for our community, and sometimes that does attract people and promote growth, so be it,” said Smith.  “We still want to maintain excellence.”

For homes $195,000 and less, the tax impact is nothing.  The more a home is worth, the more taxes increase per month.  Some who live in Fishers say it is worth it.

“I am proud of everything that I have seen happen so far, and I am confident they will be responsible for these children,” said one Fishers resident.

George Lukes asked a lot of questions at forum on Wednesday night.  His biggest concern is if the school district follow through if the people in Fishers agree to “vote yes.”

“We just need to make sure we hold our administrators to a financial forecasting and make sure they deliver on what they say,” said Lukes.

No matter which side of the issue residents are on, they have the final say.

“I think it is good,” said Lukes.  “It makes all the voters come out and make a decision.”

The referendum vote is set for May 7. More information is available online:


  • Bob

    Look out HSE residents, here they come again looking for more money. We passed a referendum 2 years ago that we are still paying for. Now they want to come for more. While portables are not the bright shiny penny the administration wants, they do the job and for a lot less money. While some will not pay a dime for the new additions, some will pay several hundreds of dollars. They have also ordered iPads for all students that will increase your "book" costs. The hits just keep coming. We all have had to make cut backs due to the economy. It's time for HSE to live within their means and stop thinking that the money will come out of thin air.

  • Man With A Plan

    Well let the rich parents in Fishers pay for their kids, every time we turn around they are saying (But the Children) well when I grew up we didn't even have an air conditioner when it did hit a 100, and guess where that was? yeap, right here in Hamilton County, so what is the difference? they don't need a 100 million dollar school…come on….I vote Nay

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Well I'm glad you have endurance to the heat but what the f### does that have to do with anything?

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    What Fishers needs to do is find a neighboring community, preferably unincorporated, and annex it.

    Wait…they already tried that! I guess taxes is the next option.

  • Bob

    Why is it that the news departments do not put all the facts out in their stories? It would be nice to see them do some investigation and ask how much would the total cost of the portables be? How does the tax increase cost those who's homes are more than the lowest example used by HSE. What are the continuing costs from the last referendum? Is it asking too much to have all the fact presented and not the fluff that HSE is promoting. Come on Fox, do some investigating.

  • Guest

    Communities have to start holding the school board responsible. Every day a teacher or Superintendent needs more money. Hamilton County spends enough on education! They say it is for the kids, but it never is. The citizens need to start replacing some people and find those that can work with a budget.

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