Two men hospitalized after shooting, dog killed during investigation

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INDIANAPOLIS – A manhunt is underway after two people were shot on the near north side Wednesday afternoon.

Officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department responded to the shooting near the intersection of 46th Street and Winthrop Drive around 1 p.m.

The location of the shooting is near the Monon Trail, just north of the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Police said two men were shot in the stomach. One was transported to an area hospital in critical condition, the other serious. Both men are able to talk, but investigators said they weren’t being very cooperative. One of the men ran about a block away until he collapsed. Medics found him. Both were taken to the hospital.

Police had a vague description of a suspect in a gray hoodie seen in the area and were searching for that person.

During the investigation, a dog was shot and killed by an officer, police said. At one point, police had three people in handcuffs. They were subsequently released and no arrests have been made.


  • Randal

    I was just listening to radio app 5-0 and that is the description. Two black males, in black hoodies, armed and dangerous. They are asking for a felony stop which is always bad

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    OMG! Man on the loose with a gun!

    Now, my fellow citizens, is time to PANIC!

    lol…close the shutters, barricade the doors, turn out the lights, and peer out the windows.

    • Angry Mom

      Wait til a man on the loose with a gun comes into your neighborhood, and shoots someone. You might change your tune then.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Probably not. And I have had an armed felon in my neighborhood before. I still didn't panic. And hell…I don't remember the news even reporting on it.

      • 'Thor'

        And you do as I do and carry a gun to get your mail. I always carry a gun as do a lot of people I know.

        "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." by Albert Einstein

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Nope but when at home I make sure I have a gatt close at hand. Too many 0bama supporters coming out of the 46th/post area looking for easy marks.

    • BusyMom

      I am at work 3 blocks from here and my daughter's school is approximately 6 blocks. So yes, I am considering a moment of panic because there are 1-2 armed men running from police in my area. They have already shot 2 people so they may have a "what do I have to lose" attitude going on right now.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >46th Street and Winthrop Drive

        Baby doll, I hate to burst your bubble but considering that location when is there ever NOT 1-100 armed men running from the po-po? You need the news to tell you when to panic and work in that area? lol

      • 'Thor'

        Props to ClanSmokeJaguar, I know people who can sleep right thru a shooting in areas like that because it happens so often. Just like most city folks can sleep thru sirens in the middle of the night.

        In most cases if you mind your own business you'll be fine 95% of the time.

      • I am not you

        They most likely did not shoot two random people. As in most of these situations the shooter and the victim were involved with each other.

  • Resident

    I actually live three doors down from where this happened. It's a decent neighborhood, but there is a section 8 apartment complex at the corner of 46th and Winthrop that is full of thugs. There are daily police runs to the apartment complex, yet the rest of the neighborhood is pretty calm.

    But yes, it is a big deal when someone is shooting out in the open like that. But judging by the response from the clanjaguar bro above, he probably lives in Fishers and plays Internet Rambo all day.

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      No, I live in the outskirts of Geist and favor Battle Tech.


      >t's a decent neighborhood, but there is a section 8 apartment complex

      Section 8 and decent neighborhoods are mutually exclusive. It's one or the other but never both! lol

      • the truth hurts

        No Section 8 and decent neighborhoods arent mutually exclusive, ya see what happens is a property owner who owns property in a nice neighborhood but who is only worried about the money decides he can make more money from the gubberment renting to the entitled so he opens his property up to section 8 and then the neighborhood goes to hell. Then the good people who cant afford to leave are stuck hence there are still some decent property owners left in the neighborhood and they have to deal with the section 8 thugs.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        So…thanks for buttressing my point. In the end decent communities and section 8 cannot co-exist.

        Are you serious?! lol

        And FYI, as a landlord no fellow landlord in their right mind would take their property section 8 thinking they can make "more money." I considered it at one point but it's more of a headache than it's worth. For Christ's sake, there is no guarantee that the contract will be completed.

      • the truth hurts

        No guarantee you will collect the rent from your tenent each month either and you waste too much time tracking them down and going to court for payment and evicting them. I also thought about going section 8 but sold the property instead I liked my neighbors too much and didnt want to ruin their property values and liked the neighborhood way too much to see it go to hell with the section 8 leeches. However I know people who make a nice living renting to the gubberment, I couldnt live with myself if I were to do that.

    • Chris

      I live a couple blocks from where this happened. 46th is kind of the dividing line separating a decent working class area from an undesirable place to live. I would say to the south, the neighborhood goes to crap, and stays that way until you get to downtown. Just north of that street is is nice though.

  • deb

    people think situations like this is funny but when they at your door with a gun on you are your love one lets see if its funny then!!!!!!!!

  • Sick of it

    Fact is that's all the "hood" black culture is…guns and shoot everyone you get in an argument with. Yes there are a lot of decent black folks that work and have educations etc. But I'm talking about the ones that do nothing all day but smoke crack and steal and sell drugs, and stand around in the streets on the corners and vacant lots. You can see them all day long. . I guess when you're black and turn 12 they give you a couple hand guns. Think of the 6-month-old baby shot and killed in Chicago while in her thug "dads" lap. He has been arrested over 39 times. He needs to go to jail for endangering her life. It's his fault she's dead.

    • THUG

      Shut up BITCH! Black people aren't the only ones commiting crimes. Are you saying that about the white people shooting little kids at school?

      • not a thug

        Blacks make up about 14 percent of our countries population yet they commit 85 percent of the violent crimes BITCH!!!!

    • Ms.middle finger

      I guess when you're white and turn 12 you put a trench cost on and go shoot up a school. LMAO! ignorance. Yes some black people have enemies and they make poor descisions and turn to gun violence, but how many "black" people have you heard of doing random shootings? Schools, malls, theaters, etc and all because they're too p*ssy to stand up and deal with their insecurities. I dont see nobody talking about the sex offender rate that white people account for 77% of mental health issues that 82% is white. Black people dont fucc wit you if you stay in your own place, but white people are known for lashing out just to get attention. Stupid muth fuckas. So to you " sick of it" please think before you speak or type becasue no culture is exempt from ignorance and you've proven that.


    none of yall were talkin shyt yesterday when iupui was on lock down….. makes me wonder…. must have been a white wanna b thug….lol see racist dont get u nowhere in life if your parents havent brought u up right.. shut up or so something to help the city not just sit back and talk about what could be or blacks this blacks that….. skin is just a color and life is apart of us all thats what we have in common my friends….

    • Guest

      Did they find a white guy with a gun? No! Not even sure there was anyone with a gun. The problem is these "Thug wannabes", Who has no respect for anyone. That might be why they don't respect life. The racist crap that goes on in this state, like black expo and others, makes these black thugs feel entitled. The only difference in people isn't black, or white, but human or animal. Most of these thugs don't have parent who gave a crap and didn't educate them in respect. I HAVE A DREAM! That is that the thugs, who are mostly black at the moment, learn to be human and not animals. And don't think these thugs aren't racist because they are. Gun laws need to be changed alright, to where all of age person have to carry and be trained. This would stop real quick!

      • GUEST


      • Guest

        Blacks on campus, no you don't see the killing. Because they had parents who care and was there. Why don't they because they aren't "Thugs". They will make something of themselves. There are animals in all races. But look around who is doing most of these murders? And what should upset you the most. Who are they killing! Call me a racist? Please! You are just showing your lack of intelligence. Guns don't kill people your right. But if some little "thug" knows if they go to rob or try to kill someone that they are going to probably be shot and killed themselves, bet they don't risk it. And as far as the video taping and things like that go. Look at the facts on who commits the most crime. I am sick of racists like yourself. I said we need to allrelize we are human and not and not animals. You turn it into a race thing. Put away your race card it's not valid here anymore!

      • THUG

        What do you think about the white shooting up schools and shit? Are they animals? Oh wait, let me guess, "mental disorders'' right? At least this dude probably had a legit reason for this. No excuse for shooting defenseless kids.

  • Doubtful

    The story at IUPUI was no doubt made up by some crack pot looking for attention. There was NO guy with a gun.

  • Blah

    Molestation, murders, stats, blah, blah, blah…

    In the end you have one thing that remains constant:

    Whites flee blacks because they don't want to live with them.

    Blacks are attracted to Whites like light moths to a flame.

    A society of serial killers, oppressive molesters…. We be holding them down. But we cant be doing obviously is holding them back from trying to be around us.

    Clansmokebro and all his kind know the truth, despite the shuck and jive.

    Actions speak louder words.

    • off yourself please

      It's so easy for you to sit behind a computer and talk that sh*t. I guareentee you would NEVER tell a black person that to their face. LMAO!! You probly we're bullied and now your a low self-esteem prick with no life, no family, nothing. just a computer. LMAO! let me stop before you get mad and take it out on the nearest public place. SMH dont forget slavery started because you white mu-fuckas was too lazy to do the shit yourselves.

      • the truth hurts

        Yeah buddy and just who sold the black man to the white folks for slaves? Da black man, you sold your own race out!! But somehow its all whiteys fault. LMAO!! I could talk crap all day to their face and they wouldnt do a thing because they are cowards.They wouldnt get physical unless it was at least 5 to 1 odds in their favor as you know its a mob mentality. Cant do anything unless they have back up. If the odds were even they would shoot me not fight me, cause as we all know the gun solves all the black mans problems.

  • Guest

    Put away your race cards because they are not valid here anymore! Become a human being or get the @#$& out of the gene pool! Funny how most of the murders around here are black. And when someone points this out no matter what they are called a racist. Here is what every black person needs to be upset about is most are killing other blacks. Not all blacks are thugs but….. Human we are all human, no matter what color our skin is. Not animals!

  • Ann

    This violence needs to stop ! I swear there has been a shooting almost daily seems like lately. Makes me want to move

  • Ike love

    Black men kill each other but white priest f#%k lil white boys , white kids kill many people all on the same day at school lunch break or at the work place! Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house!!

  • Guest

    BLACK, WHITE, why is everyone trying to separate each other? HUMAN, not animals. But if you must separate humans down into groups by skin color. Look at the numbers, whites commit crime like everyone else. But looking at the numbers, they don't lie. Everyone who keeps trying to separate by color is a big part of the problem.

  • Kathy M

    So either they shot each other or someone shot them. Either way they aren't telling the cops anything…and while there and frustrated, they shot and killed someones dog? Because they can get away with that. I mean was deadly force needed to combat a possible nip to the ankle? Deadly force should only be used against deadly force.

  • Blah

    So basically black people's defense against speaking out against their criminality goes one of two ways:

    1.) They threaten violence. You wouldn't say that to a black dudes face cause instead of reasoned argument they beat you down.

    This is true if

    a.) The black in question is way bigger than you and there's no question that he will win

    b.) The black has 200 of his cousins with him.

    c.) The black has a gun (which they use on each other when they lose a fight all the time).

    If you kill a black in self defense, be prepared to get raked over the coals. The black community will be in an uproar and you'll be thoroughly investigated and intimidated by White Police Officers.

    You'll be called a Nazi and a racist by liberal whites and rabid blacks.

    If you're found guilty you'll be thrown in a prison full of blacks.

    2.) The Code word "Ignorant".

    That they don't know what it means (and if they do..had most likely had to look it up within the past year or so) is ironic.

    But there's no discussion to be had with black people and race. They only understand the heavy hand.

    They don't have power, not really. They sense that Whites are restrained by other Whites, and it emboldens them. They're pitbulls for their masters, who are not black…useful idiots like the white liberals who love them in speech but live as far away as they can.

    Why do you think the population of Fishers, Carmel, etc have more than quadrupled since the 80s?

    Fishers Population:

    1980: 2,008
    2010: 76,794


    1980: 18,272
    2010: 79,191


    2010 51,969

    Indianapolis growth in that same time frame:

    1980 700,807
    2010 829,445

    This trend shows itself in every major city. Out of control black crime that the White Overlords will not allow you to talk about. So you have a rotting inner city and white suburbs that are raided.

    It's Indianapolis turn to be a Big City in America…which means it's full of criminal blacks.

    Ask yourself why this is?

  • Luke

    The fact that people don't think whites commit crimes pisses me off! Like I KNOW most black people are stupid. But white people do DUMB stuff as well. Pill popping, Parent killers. Come on now.. White kids sniff spray paint. -____- Cut the black stuff out because there are some white people who are just as ignorant. The news just doesn't BLAST them like they do the blacks. FOX 59 can go visit the devil

  • Snuff the Pukester


    You're being intellectually dishonest.

    Blacks commit VIOLENT CRIMES far out of proportion to their population.

    Do you get that Puke? Did you pass Math? Does thinking piss you off? I'm not surprised since you're no good at it.

    If a population that makes up 25% of the city (and we even lower since the prime age of crime is 13 – 45 year old black males) commit over 50% of the murders and violent crimes.

    Did anyone say that White people had a monopoly on virtue? But they did build a level of civilization that most blacks can't function in voluntarily. It's like this all over the world, but you don't care to see.

    "The news just doesn't BLAST them like they do the blacks."

    Sure Puke. Go hang with the Bros with your messages of enlightenment. I'm sure you'll break out some ales and the chessboard and have a philosophical conversation.

    But you know better and so do I. And so you're a fraud.

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