Police go door-to-door looking for leads in home invasion murder

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INDIANAPOLIS – Some residents on Indy’s far north side are worried that a killer may return.

Friday morning, Thomas Tefft was gunned down during a home invasion while he was drinking coffee with his wife.

Linda Koorsen lives near Tefft’s house by 86th and Harcourt Springs.

“I’m scared,” she said. “The first night I didn’t sleep and I notice at 6:30 in the morning I get jumpy.”

Koorsen told Fox 59 she remembers that morning because her dog was barking, trying to wake her up.

“Either he heard a gun or that guy was messing around here,” Koorsen said. “He was definitely trying to get me up.”

Koorsen said her brother wants her to move out of the neighborhood because he fears for her life.

“There’s been so many shootings and police situations if you look it up especially in those apartments right over there,” she said.

Police are passing out flyers door to door in the neighborhood asking anyone if they know who killed Thomas Tefft. There will be a community action meeting Thursday to discuss what happened.

The family said there is definitely one thing that will help police find the killer—Tefft’s stolen 2009 Black Hyundai Sonata.

“Someone out there knows what happened on Friday,” said Lynn Hoff, Tefft’s daughter. “They know where that car is and they know where the person is and I’m asking that person to please come forward.”

The Tefft’s next door neighbors aren’t taking any chances. A home security company was called in because they know a killer is still on the loose. As for Koorsen, she said she’s going to be more vigilant.

“And I want to get a Doberman because I feel like I’m being chased out.”


  • Name Withheld

    96th Street is 2 miles north of where this happened. This is hardly in or near the neighborhood where Mr. Tefft was murdered.

  • sbrown

    my beautiful friend Monika Jaeger was murdered in her apartment when she went home from work at lunch to let her dog out at 96th and Ditch a couple of years ago and it BARELY made the news. I guess the news people have less to report today.

  • RichieSlammer

    The real Citizens Action meeting is coming real soon, again when it goes sideways, well bros just watch the Walking Dead and you will get the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    I don't know who 'old man' is who responded 49 minutes ago, but his statement is inciteful, he had on a ski mask. There are more than one dark skinned races. I hope they find the person who did this. But you don't make me feel safe with those racist comments,

    • Denise

      What would make you feel less safe, racist comments or masked boons breaking into houses and murdering people? Which is protected by federal law, unpopular comments or murder?

  • John Browning

    Mrs. Tefft, please check out the Boone Co. Sheriff's website:

    Email him or call him and he would be more than happy to help you get some very high quality training. Combine that with a loud dog and an alarm system (or at least buzzers on the doors) and you will be all set. You CAN feel safe again.

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