Police: Man found shot, killed inside apartment

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INDIANAPOLIS -Indianapolis Metropolitan police are investigating a deadly shooting on the city’s far east side.

Police said a body was found in the 4000 block of Stratford Court Wednesday afternoon. The victim had been shot in the head, according to investigators.

Homicide detectives said the victim was in his 20s or 30s and was inside a vacant apartment. Investigators estimated that the body had been in the apartment since Tuesday.

Police said the area has been a problem because many of the apartments are empty.

“There’s a lot of abandoned apartments that aren’t kept up, you can see a lot of them are boarded up, broken windows,” said Capt. Craig Converse of IMPD Homicide. “Apartments that are used for drugs and other activities. So people can easily gain access to these vacant units. In addition, there’s very few people that live here, which even serves to accelerate the problem.”

The case remains under investigation.


  • Serin Dippity

    Pretty easy to see why Indianapolis is now the 6th most violent city in America. And here I believed Mayor Ballard when he said that Public Safety was his top priority….

    • jjj

      Do you have a desire to hang out in vacant apartments, or just concerned for the safety of the squatters that do?

    • teya

      Tell me what money would be spent on that? These people have nothing to do, they are closing jobs, schools, housing, etc. Then spending money on paving a new expensive road to castleton. And those apartments are so bad now. You should see it from how it began. People need to take better care of their own neighborhoods instead of worrying about others. take the time to secure your own. others will take example. no one cares anymore. day by day

      • teya

        Plus this isn’t all on the police. We are all victims of how we chose to live our life up until now. We waited to long to make change; And now it will take even longer since no one wants to work together. The time spent on here complaining could be spent towards making a difference. It only takes a second. Which is what I am about to do. Some of you should do the same and maybe change will happen faster. For all of us

  • karen

    I dont believe Mayor Ballard. He was the one wanting to take away from Public Safety and put some money towards sprucing downtown up. Humm i think we can see where his #1 top pritorities are. Its not public safety but maybe beuutifying the city. But tell me whos gonna wanna come visit a city where they might get shot? Where gangs,crimes,murders,shootings keep climbing. Instead of visiting id be going the other way out!

    • Jen

      It is also a lack of parenting. Parents need to be more involved in their children's lives; stop trying to be more like their friends and try to be a more like a role model and disciplinarian. Kids will pick up on what their parents do and will follow in their footsteps. Let's start teaching our children respect, manners, and hard/honest work.
      This article didn't mention if it was a homicide or a suicide. For all we know, this person could've taken their own life. Black, white, hispanic, it doesn't matter; someone lost a son, brother, husband, nephew, or uncle.

      • not a thug

        most inner city blacks don't have "involved" parents. They are mostly raised by single mothers who have multiple kids by multiple men non of whom support the kids. Lots of them are raised by grandmothers as well. If you have no parents how are they going to be involved in the first place?

      • Pffft

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    • StarlettMiller

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    • the truth hurts

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  • Non hater

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  • StarlettMiller

    Very close to some of the other homicides this year… and last year… and the year before that…..

  • Chris

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  • StarlettMiller

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