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Welcome to spring!

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Astronomical spring began at 7:02 AM Wednesday morning which kicks of a time of warming temperatures, longer hours of daylight and more stormy weather.  But unfortunately, all this will have to wait for another day because spring still seems to be in hiding!

Highs are only expected to reach the mid to low 30s this afternoon and this actually knocks us back to January-like levels.  What’s worse?  We should actually see a high near 54°F this time of year so that alone leaves us 20°F below normal.

This next stat may add insult to injury, but last year on the 1st day of spring, we saw a high of 83°F.  This was part of a 10 day stretch of summer like temperatures that ranged from 76-84°F.  These temperatures were 50°F warmer than the cold pattern we are stuck in right now.

spring comparison

Let’s talk about the month of March so far.  Our temperature is about 5 degrees below normal so far this month.  This figure takes into account the average of the daytime high and low.  Only 3 days this month have been completely rain or snow free.  But looking back over the last 15 years, March 2013 is the coldest.  The year the comes in pretty close to what we’ve seen this year is 1996, which saw an average temperature of 35.6°F.   We are currently at 35.1°F on the 20th day of March.   But looking at climatology, this year does not rank in the top 10 of coldest March’s on record. 

We’ll likely finish out this month with below normal temperatures.  A cool flow will continue to bring in a colder air mass and snowfall chances.  So unlike last year when we had an early start to the spring season, this year we are left waiting.  Too bad Punxsutawney Phil was wrong… again.