Whitestown man accused of recording sexual abuse of 10-year-old girl

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INDIANAPOLIS – A Whitestown man faces federal charges after prosecutors say he sexually abused a 10-year-old girl—and recorded it.

Daniel Alan Jines, 36, is charged with 15 counts of producing child pornography, one count of receiving child pornography and another count of possessing child pornography.

According to federal prosecutors, the abuse occurred between May 2008 and May 2010. Jines is accused of coercing the girl to engage in explicit activity that he then recorded. Investigators found still images and video that showed the abuse, prosecutors said.

Jines is also accused of downloading child pornography on the internet that showed the abuse of children, including toddlers.

If convicted of producing child pornography, Jines faces life in prison. The receiving and possession counts carry 20 years in federal prison.


  • southsideguy

    i know what would put an end to this kind of behavior ….. and i will gladly pay for the bulletts !

  • 'Thor'

    This being a federal case he will serve the entire sentence. No time off for good behavior or any of that BS, as it should be.

  • unowutopinionsrlike

    What is also sickening is that the child porn charges carry more weight than the molestation itself, apparently. Makes it seem as if what he DID isn't important enough or ignored entirely. MY opinion (and we know what opinions are like) is that when the molestation and abuse are on video, the perpetrator is on the same video, then they distribute that video should warrant a VERY speedy trial with a guaranteed life without parole sentence. That simple.

  • Kat Barnes

    Ya know guys in prison love child rapists NOT go rot in your cell while Bubba is sexually abusing you!!You dont do those kid of things to a child!!!AND YOU DONT TO TODDLERS EIGTHER!Your are taking their inosence!!My mother always said theives lead up to everything you theif!!!!!!

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