“Ice Cream couple” at Pacers game talks about viral video

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The Central Indiana couple at the center of a viral video sat down with Fox 59 to share what was going on when they were caught fighting over an ice cream cone.

Jake Moran attended the Pacers game Tuesday night where he was filmed pulling his mint chocolate chip ice cream cone away from his girlfriend Georgia Arnett twice.

Little did the couple know their small lovers quarrel was being watched by everyone on TV and then would go viral on the internet.

“It’s funny, because to us it wasn’t anything,” said Moran who said he was celebrating his 19th birthday at the game in Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

“Comes halftime and we get up and go looking for churros. Didn’t find the churros so we got ice cream instead,” he explained. “We got into a disagreement about something and I was just like, thinking to myself, ‘I’m gonna get her, she won’t be able to get any of my ice cream.’ And I have great peripheral vision so anytime she went to go get it, I could just easily swing it away.”

Moran got a lot of heat for his cold antic, so he was eager to clear his name to Fox 59.

“The thing is she also had her own ice cream,” he said. “And when she got tired of her butter pecan, she figured she’d take her swipe of mine.”

What makes it worse, Arnett said she bought Moran the ice cream, but she forgave him and thought the whole video was funny.

“I love him. I mean I forgive him for not giving me any mint chip. It’s ok. He’ll think twice next time,” she said.

The couple will join Fox 59 Morning News live in studio Friday morning.


  • KC

    He also deserves free ice cream she probably won’t share with him..lol. I honestly would not eat an ice cream cone anyone has been licking. Geez, the intrusion cannot eat in public.

  • jim

    Man: Honey I'm getting some ice cream, do you want a cone?
    Woman: Oh no, I'm watching my figure and I'm not hungry.
    Man: You sure, I'll get you whatever you want?
    Woman: I'm sure, thanks for asking.
    2 minutes later….
    Woman: Why won't you share???

    • DonaldH

      Did she learn this in Womans' School?
      In this case, she had her own ice cream already. Maybe she wanted to "test" her partner. However, asking would have been more appropriate than taking.

  • DonaldH

    Reminds me of the saying: Ask and you shall receive. Covet and you shall receive….national review?

  • Fenris

    I'm sure they were just playful, but as a woman myself I totally support guys who are fed up with "No, I don't want any" when you're buying it and then proceed to eat most of their boyfriend's ice cream, fries, etc. Guys should call them out on that.

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