1 person dead, 2 in critical condition after shooting at Southern California high school; suspect in custody

Homicide victim’s family hoping for more leads after stolen car is found

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After a week of waiting, Lynn Hoff thought the drive back home to Chicago would be tough. She finally got a call from police early Friday morning. Her father’s 2009 Hyundai Sonata was found in a back alley in a neighborhood on the near north side.

“It feels like a really long nightmare that you’re going to eventually wake up from,” said Hoff. “I did tell my husband it’s going to be hard to leave knowing there’s so much that we don’t know.”

Last Friday, police say a man shot Hoff’s father, Thomas Tefft, in his home at 86th Street and Harcourt. The suspect then took off with Tefft’s car.

Officers have been searching for the vehicle for the past week. A neighbor said his roommate was biking around the back alley of their house and spotted the stolen car parked there since last Saturday. They called 911 after watching Tefft’s story on the news.

“We knew that the car was a key to the case that was going to offer clues to that person,” said Hoff. “The person who broke into my parents’ house and did this was there such a short time. They were longer in the car than they were in the house.”

Tefft’s car was towed to a secure site for forensic processing. Police said experts will be looking for any evidence left in the car that could lead them to the killer.

“Anything that can help us identify the suspect: hair, fingerprints, blood,” said Kendale Adams, an IMPD spokesman. “Until we’re able to get in there, get that evidence and identify someone, we won’t know where he is.”

As much as Lynn wants answers now, she’s confident they are close.

“Soon isn’t soon enough, you know?” she said. “What we really want is my father to still be here, but absent that, we want justice for him and closure.”

Police are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect. If you have any information regarding this case, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.


      • StarlettMiller

        There are FIVE points to the comment…

        Point one: Twenty-Three homicides In Marion County (Indianapolis) this year..
        Point two: Zero Asian people have been killed…
        Point three: One Hispanic person has been killed…
        Point four: Eight Caucasian people have been killed…
        Point five: Twenty-four African American people have been killed…

        Basic facts of a large city… Not much different than births, deaths (natural), marriages, days of rain or average temperature etc…

  • KC

    Among us are predatory murderous animals disguised as humans preying on others. Robbers, home invaders and especially those that use a gun or a weapon should be put death 30 days after conviction. Prisons in America should not house them. It is total waste of resources.   

  • anonymous

    Nothing is going to be done to solve these heinous crimes. These types of crimes (murder, robbery on innocents) is going to get worse and worse. It's no longer black on black. It's criminal vs any law abiding citizen who many have some cash on hand. If anyone dares to criticize the black community then all they have to do is yell "Racism!" and people will keep quiet. Indianapolis is the next Detroit….

  • anon

    I hope the car holds clues, such as fingerprints or DNA evidence that will lead to the vermin who killed this good man in cold blood; then I hope the prosecutor has the balls to seek the death penalty. Oh, wait a minute… the Marion Co. prosecutor doesn't have balls, I forgot!

    • Gat273

      "Oh, wait a minute… the Marion Co. prosecutor doesn't have balls, I forgot!"

      I can't say whether the prosecutor has or doesn't have grapes but if he does, they're probably tied by the county's wallet.

      Death penalty cases can cost $100,000 as opposed to maybe $12K for a "regular" trial. It's about the dollars and cents.

      Last week we were reminded of the Hovey St murders in which two dope dealing(or dope tolerating as they lived in a dope crib)women were murdered along with their infants. I can see not spending death penalty money on girls caught up in the dope game but infants?

      Let's not forget the Hamilton Ave murders. 7 people murdered and the killers were allowed to cuts deals to get out of the death penalty.

      Playing devil's advocate for moment. If a double infant murder or a mass family execution doesn't rate a death penalty trial, why should this one?

      • anon

        If I remember correctly, murder while in the act of committing a felony is grounds for the death penalty. If the wife's account about the suspect wearing a black ski mask is true, he didn't have to kill him. The chances of identifying a masked gunman are slim to none, usually you only see eyes & lips. It was a senseless murder that didn't have to happen. Oh, well, even if it does qualify for the death penalty, the prosecutor probably won't do it, so it's a moot point.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >If the wife's account about the suspect wearing a black ski mask is true, he didn't have to kill him.

        Hmmm….as Science Officer Mr. Spock would say while raising a single eyebrow on an emotionless face, "Indeed"

        All I gotta say is IMPD…do NOT accept a g-damn thing at face value about this case.

      • Guest

        Eyes and lips? You may be correct. Glassy bloodshot dope eyes and huge lips. Should be easy to track down.

  • MikeyN

    African Americans destroy cities. Yet nothing can be done bc they scream racism if you try to fix things. We all know where the problems lie. It lies in the same area in every city. Sad they are destroying Indy. Get tough on crime. A one strike law is what we need. I had a good friend killed in cold blood over his iPhone. We see it everyday. Get rid of the racist and worthless 10 point coalition. They encourage this behavior. Our city needs to stop coddling and throw the book at these thugs. Put them down for all I care. Make Indy the #1 capital punishment state in the country. These people are worthless and don't deserve to be alive. We need to send a message to this culture they have of crime and violence because they are starting to move further and further from the hood. Many places in Indy use to be nice areas until the blacks come in, breed and take over the areas. Now look what we have. You don't find this going on in white areas. Even go to the poor white trash areas and this behavior isn't going on. We know where the problems are but if you say it and state the facts you will be considered racists. That's the problem. F' them!

    • Guest

      I am tired of excuses from the black culture. They refuse to accept responsibility, live off he tit of Obamas government, put a strain on public safety, fill most of our jails, keep killing and robbing and killing again, and lay in their homes (section8) and not work a minute of their lives. BUT their are the first ones to run to the polls to vote for a waste of skin Obama, blame the white man since they don't live well and throw the race card each and every time a black issue makes headlines. It's pathetic.

  • Katlyn

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