Indy Snow Force prepares for heavy snowfall forecasted for Sunday

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INDIANAPOLIS– The Department of Public Works (DPW) is preparing for heavy snowfall forecasted for Sunday and Monday.

Ninety drivers with the Indy Snow Force will report to work beginning at 11 p.m. Saturday in preparation of the snowfall.  Snow accumulation is predicted to range anywhere from three to seven inches.

DPW officials said the Indy Snow Force will continue to monitor the forecast and adjust to the conditions in order to ensure roads are safe for motorists.

The snow is expected to move into the metro area after 8 a.m. Sunday.

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  • RWL


    Now EVERYONE RUN out and buy up ALL of the toilet paper and all of the milk, bread etc. before it hits, you might be in the house TWO days before they plow you out. That is if it even snows.

  • Bev

    Ok, I think we have had enough cold and snow this season. Time for a change! I wish we could order better weather:D So glad though that the city has done a great job in preparing for our bad weather days this year. I hate driving on ice, and I worry about others having to drive on bad roads.

  • F**** the gas co.

    Florida is starting to sound better and better with every passing of the so called spring snow so tired of the weather better yet hawaii would be more fitting since it rarely ever changes forcast there other than more rain in the winter and bigger waves

  • Dave

    As much as snow plowing is a hard job and it is. I've known a few people in my lifetime that have plowed city streets, highways and rural areas. It's tough!

    What I don't get about Indy's so called "Snow Force" is that they have absolutely no plan of attack. Especially when it comes down to the major through-fares that have 2 or more lanes that are NOT interstate roads. There'll be on land plowed and the two left alone. I just think they need to force it up a bit more in those types of areas. Hey as long as the temp stays above 15 degrees the salt will hold its own.

  • Guest

    Maybe the snow will keep the natives and savages and thugs inside so we can go one day without a shooting death in Indy.

  • Italiano

    OMG…another blizzard…what are gonna do….hahaha..Of course Indy doesn't know what to do if we get REAL snow

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