Man robs gas station, abducts man at gunpoint

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NEW WHITELAND, IND. — New Whiteland police are looking for a man they said robbed a gas station, then forced a customer to drive to Indianapolis at gunpoint.

Police responded to the Shell/Circle K gas station on the southeast corner of US 31 and Tracy Road around 1 a.m.

Police told Fox59 the suspect walked into the store in a manner the clerk thought was suspicious. Then, another man walked in to make a purchase. That’s when the suspect pointed the gun at the customer, forcing him to the counter. Police then said the suspect demanded money from the clerk before forcing the customer into his car.

Authorities said the suspect forced the customer to drive to Indianapolis, where the suspect let the customer go, unharmed, near the I-70 and Harding Street exit. The customer then called 911 and returned to the scene.

Police believe this is a random crime, and that the suspect walked to the gas station.  They said less than $1,000 was stolen from the Circle K.

The suspect is described as a thin black male, between 5’6″ and 5’8″ tall wearing a dark Carhart hoodie.

If you see the suspect, call police immediately.


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