Shooting at Marine base leaves 3 dead, including gunman

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WASHINGTON (CNN) — A Marine shot and killed two of his fellow service members at a Virginia base on Thursday night and then killed himself, base spokesmen said

The incident took place at Marine Corps Base Quantico. The shooter, a staff member at the officer candidate school, gunned down a man and a woman, the spokesmen said. All are Marines.

The incident shocked the military community. Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said in a Twitter message that he was “saddened to hear of loss of life” at Quantico.

The notification of a shooting came about 11 p.m. when authorities found one dead victim, according to Agustin Solivan, a Marine Corps spokesman.

Using a public address system, police announced a lockdown at Marine Corps Base Quantico and surrounded the building where the suspect was barricaded. They ordered everyone to stay in their homes, doors locked.

Authorities from the base and Prince William County, Virginia, surrounded the shooter, who was in barracks not far from where the first shooting occurred.

Law enforcement officials entered the room two hours later and discovered the shooter dead of a self-inflicted wound. The female victim was in the room with him, fatally shot.

The lockdown ended early Friday, a few hours after it started,.

It was unclear whether the three knew each other, Solivan said, and the motive of the shooting is unknown.

CNN’s Jake Carpenter contributed to this report


  • DT Smith

    "It was unclear whether the three knew each other, . . ." Really? . . . really? Using our military for social engineering is just what you get in return. Too bad and shouldn't happen – but your playing with people's lifes. Too many unintended consequences. Too many females and males forced together in unnatural and impractical situations – relationships develop and deteriorate. Unhealthy.

  • Justin

    Probably adultery related. The military doesn't seem to prosecute for it anymore; even though UCMJ calls for punishment. Military law is becoming as lax as civilian law.

  • Mark

    Maybe FrankenFeinstein is right "all" soldiers are nuts! At least that is her take (especially on combat soldiers). It looks as if it's a love triangle to me. A very common murder/suicide situation. I'm just not sure how Obama will react to this tragedy? I haven't heard anything from him or his crocodile tears that he tried to show on national television. (He's such a phony) Liberal National News again going after "Gun Control"…will it never end. 🙂

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