Teenage boys arrested in fatal shooting of 13-month-old

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  • michelle

    How can you kill an innocent child? This baby had so much of his life ahead of him. These boys should be tried as adults. Now if us parents could punish our children like we were punished when we were younger kids wouldnt be how they are today. My thoughts are with the parents who just lost their child due to unthoughtful monsters.

  • KC

    Two animals need to given back to whatever birth them for burial. If their remains are declined city disposal ASAP!

  • AGAIN!!

    No doubt they will be tried as adults they(at least the shooter)committed a cold blooded murder right in front of the infants mother who was frantically trying to protect her child. Can you even imagine what she has to live with for the rest of her life. Make these thugs pay far worse than the family has to. Death penalty would be too easy on them, make them suffer for ever. This is the kind of mentality the "hood" develops.

      • StarlettMiller

        Really? Ya think he is possibly innocent or there was some reason that made the crime acceptable? While I understand your comment, and it really is the truth, it really isn't appropriate for this particular crime and it is getting harder and harder to believe.

        People like you have just got to understand there is really a problem with this culture.

        EVERY DAY! Someone from this most murderous culture cuts the possibilities of being "innocent until proven guilty" further and further.

        If they keep it up it may just get to the point where it is acceptable to use deadly force at the slightest provocation from someone that fits the description of the alleged perpetrator in this most heinous crime.

      • GUILTY

        The mother picked the thugs picture out of 26 she was shown, and besides he was standing right next to her when he shot them both. She was shot in the leg and grazed on her left ear which means he tried to shoot her in the head as well. He deserves to die for this stone cold blooded murder and attempted murder. Who shoots a baby in a stroller anyway? Only a sick depraved thug with NO regard for human life…..PERIOD.

      • anon

        R u serious???? Uhhh….the baby was in his stroller, he was shot in front of his mother, she probably didn't have a gun or she probably would've shot them. I know I would….if I knew how to use a gun & had more than 1 decent eye. My depth perception sucks & I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn!

  • babakoo2u

    I hope they throw the book at these two..that is just plan cold. poor little guy.. my heart goes out to the mother an father..

  • Nola

    That poor family. I bet these two thugs got away with a lot of stuff before this happened. What a shame.

  • Seng918

    In my opinion, there just isn't anything much colder and heartless than killing a baby. The shooter needs to be put down. It cant be rehabilitated.

  • Ann

    This is unbelievable ! What is our world coming to? The devil is trying to take over ! We need more God in this country!

  • Ana Henderson

    This is just sad. Why? Why this precious little baby? My thoughts and prayers are with this family as they now have to suffer the loss of this beautiful little baby boy.

    • all for justice

      Just like people who commit mass murders hmmmm young white males who come from well to do families

  • guest

    We will probably hear something from the little Fuc-s family something like," but they are good boys, never been in any kind of trouble before. They go to church every Sunday….,pray for them. Mother wasn't at home because she has to work 2 jobs, because their father skipped out, unemployed, on drugs, in prison "or a combination of any of the aforementioned. Can't wait to hear Rev. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton's spin on this!

    • GUILTY

      His "aunt" said in another article I read that he has "a good heart". What a load of BS. This thug seventeen or not should be hung at the town square and left there to rot.

      • all for justice

        J a we aren't in the 20's this is 2013 don't even think about that one happening that wouldn't be a good thing.

  • Jerry B.

    Just wait and see, these 2 punks will some way get off lightly.They need to let the father of the child have at these 2 punks for a few minutes to kill them in the most violent way he can imagine.Then cut thier damn heads off ,pour gas on them burn the mother fuckers!

  • guest

    Just imagine if the races were reversed and 2 white thugs killed a black baby and shot his black mother. There'd be riots.

    • mettaintheworld

      AMEN!…bunch of bullish*t… and this is why I always say to those who say "why does it have to be about race"……. "It's about race because they are making it about race"

  • RodgerRobot

    "assailants who are still children themselves" Lord how can you write this crap??? They are MURDERS!!! when convicted of course.


    I also want to say congrats to the cops for catching these two worthless thugs so quick. They don't treat baby killers too nice in prison, and rightly so.

  • Ann

    Death penalty is too easy. It's a bigger punishment to get up everyday of their lives for the rest if their lives in prison and realize they will never be free again!' That's why prisoners commit suicide bc they rather escape their punishment.

  • Allforright

    Something doesn't sound right here. Older son was killed and it was justified no one was charged. She was walking with baby and two boys out of no where demanded money and shot her and baby. There are no other witnesses other than her. Who shot her older son? Now don't get me wrong if they did it then they need to serve time, but it is so odd the day after your baby is shot you give baby clothes away. I being a mother could not do that so soon if ever…… I know everyone handles grief differently but the next day you give away baby clothes hmmmmm sounds suspect to me? What race were the person who killed the oldest son in self defense? Let's not forget the idiot who claimed black guys with her kids and it was false ended up being the sicko azz mom. Let's not point fingers until we have proof. The aunt says the boy was with her eating breakfast. I thought your innocent until proven guilty. Talk about what should happen to these two boys how about the psycopaths who committed mass murders (Lanza, Holmes, McVeigh, Attkinson, Page, Micheal, Roberts, etc. need I say more hypocrites?

  • Bruce Hains

    If the shooters were white and the child was black,there would be riots, protests and even the President would have weighed in. But since it's the other way.. no talk of hate crime, nothing. It's a pretty horrible double standard we all live in now.

  • Im just a tribblo

    yea unbelievable where is our representation. US the people who created a civilization and figured out how to feed ourselves and reproduce without chucking spears or putting plates in our lips. Sometimes slavery brings out the best in people!

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