After recent snow, Indianapolis resident feels “forgotten”

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Indianapolis received nine inches of snow during the storm Sunday night and into Monday morning.  After being buried, Hoosiers were digging out the way they always do.  People living in some Indy neighborhoods had more snow than they bargained for after the city decided not to plow some streets.

Cecelia Spears said she lives in a forgotten neighborhood.

“Definitely,” said Spears.  “It has been like this for years.”

Spears lives on the city’s far south side.  She said every time it snows, plow trucks pass her neighborhood, on Sten Court, by.  All Indianapolis neighborhood streets were in the same boat after this latest round of snow.  In a money saving move, the city decided not to bring in private contractors to plow residential streets. Some were on-board with the decision.

“It is going to be gone in a couple of days so it makes no sense to make a big fuss about it,” said resident Larry Guy.

Spears didn’t agree.

“It is very upsetting,” said Spears.  “A lot of the neighbors have expressed that as well.”

Every time it snows, the people who live on Sten Court take up a collection to bring in their own plow truck, just to make sure their road is passable.  A little more than a mile away, in Johnson County, the plow trucks were out early, and the roads were clear.

“There has not been hope,” said Spears.  “There has not been hope, so we have taken our own money and paid to have it done.”

Not plowing streets, like Sten Court, is saving the city $400,000.  Spears said that money needs to be invested in the people who continue to struggle whenever it snows.

“Even the sun does not help when we do get sun,” said Spears.  “It just refreezes.  It is slushy now, but then it refreezes.  I have been stuck multiple times and had to call someone to come and help me out.”


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