Avon school board member forced to apologize for stealing opponent’s signs

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An Avon school board member is being forced to apologize for stealing political signs.

Last October, Kim Woodward went on Facebook and said she took the signs down.

Woodward said the signs crossed a line in attacking a fellow board member who was running for re-election. She eventually returned the signs to the owner.

As part of her deal with the court she must send a written apology to the victim and also pay hundreds in court costs and fees.

Woodward was re-elected to the Avon school board in November.


  • martinstucky

    Setting a fine example for the students. Here is another overpaid under worked and morally bankrupt person in charge of our kids future.

  • mike0429

    Not only did she get caught stealing an opponents signs the people of Avon re-elected her. If she is willing to steal signs and gloat about it on Facebook, makes one wonder what else she has stolen and not said anything. Also wonder if she was stealing votes also. And yes what a mighty fine example to show our children. Wonder if someone stole her car because they didn’t like what her bumper sticker says, if there sentence was an apoligy and pay hundreds in court fines. What a class act!!!

  • Tyrone shoe laces

    Nice job Avon. Nothing like another clic soccer mom, or grandma actually, being blindly elected.

  • RaptorFortyFive

    Who would re-elect a person like this? Low information voters I guess. Does she represent Avon values?

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