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Hoosiers try to make the most of the Springtime snow storm

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Snow totals from Monday’s storm varied by several inches across Central Indiana, but by Monday night it was it was a memorable and historic Spring event for everyone.

Though the worst of the snow was missing from many roads and parking lots in Indianapolis on Monday night, Jhonny Macias and his daughter, Julia, won’t forget it any time soon.

“I made a snow man and a snow angel,” Julia Macias said.

“She missed school so it’s good for her,” Jhonny Macias said. “She got home to play in some of the snow. For me, it was a little tough at work because I had to shovel and help the customers.”

As an employee for an auto parts store, Jhonny wasn’t the only one helping drivers deal with the treacherous conditions when the storm was at its height early Monday morning.

State Police and local authorities reported several accidents and slide-offs across the region, from Grant County down to Center Grove, where even the most experienced drivers were on edge.

“I had to take an order right around the curve, and I ended up sliding off to the side,” said Samantha Corn, an assistant manager and delivery driver at Domino’s Pizza. “All of our drivers pretty much at some point ended up sliding off somewhere.”

The mild temps aided plows in clearing many roads by the mid-afternoon, but driveways were another story.

Up in Noblesville, the familiar sound of snow blowers filled the air even if it was an unfamiliar time of year.

“I don’t even think we used it last year,” said Rick Seaver of Noblesville. “This year, this is the third time.”

Up in Gas City. the snow totals topped 10 inches. The owner of Sophie’s Ice Cream, a seasonal business, was busy clearing his parking lot, while wondering why he decided to open this early in the first place.

“I think we opened a little premature,” said  Corey. “We just thought it was gonna be nice this year and we were wrong.”

Though the historically late snowfall frustrated some, the NcNew Family embraced it, by creating a snowman that donned a bikini instead of the typical top hat.

“It’s Winter in Springtime,” said Devin McNew, “so we thought we’d make a Springtime snowman.”

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