Indiana mother believes someone beat her toddler to death

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Police in Texas are still investigating the death of a 3-year-old girl while her mother in Indianapolis is convinced someone beat her to death.

Anastasia Williams was living with her father, Robert Williams, in Hurst, Texas. A Texas medical examiner found she suffered a lacerated liver, because of an assault.

“She was my princess. She was my little girl,” said the girl’s mother, Angela Turnpitt.

Turnpitt said when she questioned Williams about what happened, his girlfriend told her a story that didn’t add up.

“She said, Robert had laid Stasia down for a nap, went to go wake her up, she wouldn’t wake up, he called 911, and when he touched her she was stiff.”

Turnpitt said she and Williams were no longer together and when she became pregnant with her second child, Williams offered to care for Anastasia and she agreed.

“He was always a good dad. Always,” she said.

However, Turnpitt said, he never returned her, even when she asked. She hadn’t seen her daughter for almost two years and never fought a custody battle, because she thought she wouldn’t win. Still, she doesn’t believe Williams would ever hurt their child. She thinks it was someone else in the home.

“I think somebody beat my child to death. Can I pinpoint who? No,” she said. “She was supposed to come home in a couple of weeks. I mean I had somebody that was willing to help me out, to go get her.  And that’s never gonna happen now.”

There have not been any charges filed in the case yet.

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