Snowfall totals at 4 PM

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Snowfall isn’t over in Central Indiana and minor amounts could still accumulate.  Here is a look at snowfall totals as of 2 PM. 

Kokomo: 14″
Frankfort: 12.8″
Logansport: 12″
Bloomingdale 11.5″
Alexandria: 11″
Romney: 11″
Westfield: 10.5″
Covington: 10.5″
Muncie: 10.5″
Delphi: 10.0″
Lafayette 10.0″
Crawfordsville: 10.0″
Peru: 10.0″
McCordsville: 9.1″
Indianapolis: 9.0″
Tipton: 9.0″
Sharpsville: 9.0″
Castleton: 8.8″
New Ross: 8.7″
New Market: 8.5″
Terre Haute: 8.5″
Greentown: 8.5″
Atlanta: 8.3″
Mars Hill: 8.25″
New Whiteland: 8.0″
Anderson: 8.0″
Lebanon: 8.0″
Mount Comfort: 8.0″
Carmel: 7.5″
Lawrence: 7.5″
Mooresville: 7.5″
Clermont: 7.4″
Fishers: 7.4″
Greenwood: 7.0″
Jamestown: 7.0″
Avon: 6.2″
Flora: 6.0″
Franklin: 5.8″
Cicero: 5.5″
Wilbur: 5.0″
Knightstown: 5.0″
Martinsville: 4.5″
Reelsville: 4.0″
Bloomington: 4.0″
Edinburgh: 3.9″
Greensburg: 3.0″


    • Karen

      In 1912 was the last time we had over 4 inches in Indiana. Wonder what caused it? Definately wasn't man that caused it nor fossil fuel usuage. I think that's why they decided to change the name from global warming to "climate change" since the later will cover any weather patterns.

      • Tom's Right

        This is correct, humans did not start the industrial revolution until after they dug out from 5 inches of snow in March of 1912.

        Climate change causes huge deviations in both directions. What are the consequences of all the ice melting at the poles? More liquid water in place to be evaporated into the atmosphere which gets carried over land and deposited as precipitation.

      • Contrarian

        The industrial revolution started in the late 1800s, not after 1912. Most of the factories in the eastern U.S. (textile mills) began shortly after the end of the Civil War. And if your hypothesis is correct, then why would Kansas, Nebraska and Texas be dealing with drought conditions for the past four years?

    • Drew

      They purposely changed the name from Global Warming to Climate Change because all of the Global Warming faked data was finally widely discovered by the public. 8 inches at the end of March is not normal, but weather in general does not follow rules. We do not control the weather, your little car that can get crushed in the slighest of an accident really isn't doing much to prevent us getting too little snow next year or maybe a tornado where there hasn't been one. Accept the fact we humans cannot control everything and we also aren't powerful enough to make it so the end of March had 8 inches of snow. The world has patterns and weather trends based on variables no where near our influence, acceptance is another step towards healing yourself of illogical thoughts and a better life with actions that make a real difference.

  • KEM

    Thanks to all of the INDOT plow drivers. You did a great job on the roads around Indy and central Indiana.

  • Soilsenasuil

    It is still climate change or global warming if you prefer but unknown if man is a contributor…. fanatical environmentalist used it as their torch and fanatical nay sayers use it to not do anything saying its okay to pollute your water and spew chemicals in the air. But the climate is changing and the earth has ben doing it for eons. As the Earth warms and icebergs melt at the North poles it releases the cold air which drifts south and causes crazy snowstorms and below normal temps in some areas because of how the weather pattern cycles (and also droughts, did you forget those?). Think of it like blowing a fan on ice as it melts you feel the cold air as it blows your way but eventually it is gone and you will be hot again. So this bizarre weather will take place for a few decades then the equator area of the earth will begin to get hotter and hotter and that heat will then travel north. How long will this last? Who knows but then it will probably be followed by an ice age or mini ice age, this could take thousands of years or a few hundred. You will never know and will probably be dead before you feel the full affects.

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