After 15 year search, family returns bonds worth $70,000

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In the dark corners of a dusty old barn, Lebanon resident Mike Ranney made an unexpected discovery 15 years ago.

Ranney found nearly 50 savings bonds, dating back to the 1970’s. He and his wife, Angie, tried to find the owner, but until recently, they had been unable to track the man down.

“It wasn’t as easy as we thought (it would be),” Angie Ranney said.

This month, though, Angie’s online search turned up the man’s obituary. The Ranney’s were able to track down Harold Hastings’ children, who knew about the bonds but had no idea they’d ever see them.

“I figured years ago it had all disappeared. This is a surprise out of the blue,” Bob Hastings said.

Hastings said his father had always talked about the lost bonds. They were stolen from a safe at his home in 1980 and because Hastings didn’t have the numbers written down, he couldn’t claim the bonds. Even more amazing, the bonds now total around $70,000.

“We thought it was just a small amount. He never mentioned an amount,” Hastings said.

The bonds are now on their way back to the rightful owners. Mike and Angie Ranney said they had always wanted to solve the mystery and hope anyone else would’ve done the same thing.

“Their dad is hopefully looking down, smiling,” Ranney said.


  • anon

    I don't know which is more amazing; that the people who found them tried for 15 years to find the rightful owners or the current value! Sometimes there are good endings.

  • ANBG

    So, sseveral years ago a thief stole these bonds and then stored them in a barn? I'm guessing there's a few pieces missing in this puzzle.

    • D Beason

      The barn in question sits adjacent to the property that the Ranney's purchased about 25 years ago. They then bought the barn about 15 years ago. It had been sitting unsed for many years. Sometime after buying the old barn, Mr Ranney was doing some repair work, and found the bonds hidden in the rafters.

  • Carol

    The good people that returned them are beautiful people. They really deserve a reward.I hope the family feels the same way..If the are stiingy with the money do not worry your reward in heaven will be greater.

  • Lloyd

    Their honesty will be rewarded ten fold… I really hope so!!!
    I am happy to see that there ARE good people in this world.

  • Beth

    Wow! Great story. I know the Hastings family and met Harold as a child.They are good hard working people. I think its great that the Ranneys went to the trouble to find them. Thank you. Beth IN.

  • Robin

    I would like to thank the Ranneys for finding the bonds. There are still great people out there ,my grandfather would be very happy. Thank you again for going through all your trouble.
    Thanks, Robin( Hastings) Juilfs.

  • Mary Ann Rosser

    My name is Mary Ann Hastings Rosser, and I have a brother, Tim. I am the daughter of the eldest of the siblings. My father is David Veldon Hastings who passed away in 2005. I am so very grateful for the people being so honest, and taking the time to locate the family. My mother has talked to Uncle Bob today about the bonds. Thank you for doing this for the family.

  • Timothy Hastings

    It’s nice to know there are still honest people out there in this dat in age.
    Timothy D. Hastings

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