Dash cam captures moment ice shatters fire truck’s windshield

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Video taken by the Wayne Township Fire Department shows the aftermath of an accident that serves as a lesson for us all.  It shows the crumpled windshield on one of the department’s fire engines. It had been shattered by a piece of ice in a frighteningly close call for a firefighter who’s not accustomed to that kind of danger.

“It just seemed like it was right there so quickly.  I saw it lift off the truck and it was right there,” said Firefighter Matt Irvin.

A dashboard camera on the fire engine showed exactly what happened.  The firefighters weren’t even on a run at the time.  They were just returning from the store along 21st near High School Road when ice came flying off an oncoming SUV and smashed into the windshield just off camera.

“(The) piece of ice lifted off the top of it and couple of seconds later, it was in the windshield. It was a very large piece of ice and one sheet hit the windshield,” said Irvin.

Irvin was driving the engine.  He was treated at the hospital for cuts from the broken glass.  He said the freak accident shows why drivers need to take caution before they ever even hit the road.

“I guess the advice for other people is knock the ice off your vehicle cause as it thaws, it will break in sheets, that’s how it comes off.”


  • Lee Edwards

    I hate being behind drivers that don't take the 2 minutes to remove snow and/or ice from their vehicle.

    • rhondaleebaby69

      I hate it too, and I stay way behind those drivers. However, keeping your distance wouldn't have prevented this accident.

  • Dave

    Laziness. Pure, plain and simple. Takes me a minute or less to get the snow off the roof of the car.

    Not only for the safety aspect but you don't realize that snow and ice get heavy so not only are you pulling around the weight of the car/truck you're also totting the snow and ice too!

  • Vicki

    I use to work for a safety company, that worked on fire engines in Beech Grove. This happened to them too. Very dangerous!!! Please, clean off your vehicles!!

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