Kokomo couple killed in suspected drunk driving accident

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An Indiana couple has died following a suspected drunk driving accident in Seattle.

Kokomo natives Judy and Dennis Schulte were walking across a street when they were hit by a truck driven by a man who was arrested for driving drunk.

Another woman and her infant were also severely injured

The accident happened across the street from a middle school where students and others witnessed the crash.

Judy Schulte was a retired high school guidance director in Kokomo. Her husband was a retired teacher.

Police said the driver  has two prior DUI arrests.


  • Jennifer

    Im so very sad to hear this news! Mrs. Schulte was my high school guidance counselor at Northwestern. She was a very kind woman who cared so much about her students! I will keep them all in my prayers! Hoping for a quick recovery for their daughter in law and grandchild!

  • Zach

    They fail to mention the woman and infant were Dennis and Judy's daughter-in-law and their 10 day old new born grandson

    • martinstucky

      Sorry Common Sense, they should be water boarded and tortured for about four years and then executed.

  • Matt

    Mrs. Schulte was my guidance counselor in high school, and my heart goes out to her family during the aftermath of this horrible crime. She was always genuine and kind, and I know she and her husband will be missed greatly. Rest in peace, Judy and Dennis.

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