Police respond to more than 50 accidents Tuesday following historic snowfall

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Officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department responded to more than 50 accidents in the city Tuesday morning.

Officials said 52 accidents occurred between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. During that time, officers responded to 10 personal injury accidents and 42 property damage accidents.

slide off 3

Slide-off accident on north side of Indianapolis Monday

Snow began falling in Central Indiana Sunday night and continued through Monday, creating slick road conditions. The National Weather Service reported Indianapolis accumulated 9 inches of snow. Despite the historic snowfall amount, though, the Indianapolis Department of Public Works did not call in 60 contract drivers to plow neighborhood streets.

“We have a different kind of snowstorm,” said DPW spokeswoman Stephanie Sample. “The kind that we haven’t seen in more than 100 years. So we sat down, took a look at it and adjusted our strategy accordingly.”

Since 2008, the city has upheld a policy to call in the contractors if the city accumulated 6 or more inches of snowfall. If it was less, the city’s 90 trucks would stick to main and secondary streets. However, Sample said the timing and conditions prompted the decision to not call in the extra help.

City observers believed the ground temperature was warm enough to melt the snow quickly—possibly within 48 hours.

By not calling in the contractors, the city saved about $400,000. Indianapolis had already spent $4.8 million on snow removal this season before this latest winter storm.


  • anon

    “The kind that we haven’t seen in more than 100 years. So we sat down, took a look at it and adjusted our strategy accordingly.”

    So, what strategy did you use? The do-nothing & pretend it didn't happen strategy? They plowed our streets in Anderson; they've dealt with snow pretty well here all winter.

    • 'Thor'

      Just a little patience. In the country we often don't get roads plowed at all, but we get around fine without slide offs. Why? Because we know how to drive. Stay in the city so others can take care of you.

      • anon

        I know how to drive in this stuff, & I agree with your previous statement, that people don't know how to drive on snow & Ice. They drive like they do on dry roads, & some people can't drive on dry roads.

        The point I was making was their strategy was stupid; they knew this was coming, they had 60 people who they could've called in, but they decided to do nothing, & the residents of Indy are now seeing how well that worked out.

  • DJHB317

    4.8 Million is a staggering number to spend on snow removal. I am glad that they choose not to spend the additional $400,000 to remove this snow quicker, but I assume that this was in their budget, and if not then some reassessment needs to be done to better plan for inclement weather. With the steadily rising state tax rates we tax payers would like to see our money being spent wisely and without hesitation to ensure safety for all residents.

    • 'Thor'

      Some of what you say is correct, but it is not possible for the 'nanny state' to take care of everybody. All you need to do is look at Europe and see the mess they're in. In history that approach has never been successful, from Rome till the present. More government is not the answer, it's the problem.

  • southsideguy

    to further djh's comment if what we got is the product of spending 4.8 million then we need to seriously reconsider what we are paying cause we by far did not get our 4.8 million worth , we need to look at who gets paid and how much cause this winter we did not get our monies worth at all

  • ChristaB

    The fact that they elected to not low several side streets is ridiculous. We've only had maybe three good heavy snowfalls this year so salt and chemicals should be stockpiled somewhere. I think it's just laziness and typical governmental greed. Way to go to put a price tag on the lives that were hurt or lost due to slide offs. Also, during the ice that we had two weeks ago, none of the main non-interstate highways were treated at all and there were accidents everywhere on the north side. It took me an hour to make a trip that usually lasts 15 minutes. DPW is being incredibly greedy. We barely had any snow at all last year so why not spend a little money this year and save some lives? Pathetic. I can understand some subdivisions weren't plowed, but Zionsville rd, Michigan Rd, and 86th are all main super busy roads and they were barely touched. The news was all over it. That right there was the most ridiculous part.

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