Prosecutor to announce murder-for-hire indictment against Richmond Hill suspect

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INDIANAPOLIS – Fox59 News has learned that Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry will announce a murder-for-hire indictment against one of the suspects in the Richmond Hill blast. Curry is expected to announce an additional charge against Mark Leonard during a 10:30 a.m. news conference on Thursday.

Jennifer and Dion Longworth were killed in the explosion, which investigators say was a plot to destroy a home and defraud an insurance company. Now, according to a source, the potential for bloodshed did not end there.

Homeowner Moncy Shirley; her boyfriend, Mark Leonard; and his half-brother, Bob Leonard, already face charges of murder and arson.

Investigators said the trio conspired with possibly one more person to blow up Shirley’s home on Fieldfare Way by opening up a gas valve on a fire place, filling the home with natural gas. Several hours later, a small metal tank placed inside a microwave oven set with a delayed timer exploded, setting off the blast that destroyed the Shirley home and damaged the homes of dozens of neighbors.

Just before Christmas, the Leonard brothers and Shirley were arrested and placed in the Marion County jail where they remain right now.

A source tells Fox59 news that jail investigators intercepted phone calls from Mark Leonard attempting to orchestrate a murder for hire scheme against a witness in the case. The prosecutor is expected to announce the results of a grand jury investigation Thursday.

Shirley and the Leonard brothers are due back in court April 10,when the judge begins taking a look at a 2014 trial date.  Each defendant faces the prospect of life without parole if convicted.


    • anon

      Is there no end to the lengths these vermin will go to in an effort to try to get out of this? Don't they realize they've dug themselves too deep a hole? Just bury them!

    • guest

      These people have nothing to lose. Any added charges will do nothing to them but make them look more guilty. Besides the death penalty , what more can they do to them besides locking them up for the rest of their lives ?

      • anon

        That'll only happen behind bars; the prosecutor took the death penalty off the table. I also agree with the above statement. After sentencing, though, it's open season in the cellblock.

  • RodgerRobot

    The Euro is collapsing,110,197,000 VENEREAL INFECTIONS IN USA ,N.Korea is ready to kill all americans and China is gathering Nations to drop the DOLLAR as international currency,, yet you think this rerun of loosers matters,, I am ashamed to consider Fox59 a reptutable news reference.

      • Guest

        These people will go to prison, most likely for the rest of their lives, doubtful if anything else will happen to them. the type of crimes they did are reputable crimes in prison.

    • Rita

      Well, maybe this is enough to tip the scale so that they would seek death for Mark Leonard. He is considered the "Mastermind" behind the whole thing

  • Guest

    Leonard isn't a newbie to the jailhouse environment. He should know that all outgoing calls are monitored and recorded.
    My initial opinion of the guy was that he isn't too smart.
    Subsequently, he has done nothing but proven my initial opinion was/is correct.

  • Seng918

    I suggest that if someone wants National and World news, they probably shouldn't expect to get it from a "local news" station.
    As far as these defendents, they're all pretty stupid. Although, the female deserves an award for her "I'm a victim too" facade.

  • Beth

    Dont worry,Curry flases his name around,but when it comes to brass tacks, nothing will come of this. He does not have the balls to prosecute this case to the fullest, or Bisard, or the crazy asian lady that killed her child.Curry is all smoke and mirrors..

    • DT Smith

      Your correct. Unfortuately for too many years the Marion County Prosecutor has folded like a cheap card table at opportunities to stand for right – justice and properly aid and support in protecting our community!

  • nunya

    I jus had to.put racist comments on here.. since white ppl only comment on crime stories in the hood.. yea we get it the ghetto is crime ridden.. but these crazy ass honkeys blew up a whole housing edition.. blks kill one person Yall whites kill innocent ppl.. yea its almost 30 homicides on blks this yr in 4 mos.. but the white killers from the mass shootings did those in a day.. now u tell me who's fuckin up this country..

  • angie

    so how stupid are these people? Sitting in jail, using jail phones to try to set up the murder of a witness. Subsequently, this has me questioning the lack of common sense as well. Proving to the world he has none. This is all about greed! People lost their lives and, homes! Now he or, they want to take another life? How about hang HIM/THEM high.. No more room for stupidity, I'm frankly tired of feeding an housing sick people like this. Their greed is costing us money and, sweet time! Have fun dummy! May you be greeted by some of the jailhouse finest!

  • Tammy

    Thank you FOX 59 for keeping us posted on the updates on the south side explosion. How else would we know what is going on behind prison doors. Mark Leonard is a twisted and sick arrogant individual. He needs to get life in prison without parole. Death penalty would be too easy. Let him do his time until his death. Then he will face the real judgement day and I am sure he will burn in HELL for all his sins!

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