Fishers opening additional median U-turns at major intersection

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Carmel has its roundabouts. Fishers may soon be known for its Michigan lefts on 96th Street and Allisonville Rd.

City crews will be opening two more median U-turns at the major intersection Monday at 7 pm.

This will complete the second phase of the project, which will eliminate all left turns at the intersection. The first median U-turn opened in early March.

Some drivers expect the rush-hour commute after work to be a nightmare.

“It seems like every morning that I get up, there’s a different traffic pattern,” said Nell Dillion. “Maybe people will avoid it altogether and we’ll get rid of all the traffic. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

Dillion can’t help but be confused when she sees those flashing signs and rows of orange barrels near her home.
City crews added signs close to the intersection but some drivers still don’t know what to do.

“It is confusing If you see the way it’s marked,” says Joy Niles, who drives through the intersection frequently. “You don’t know which lane you’re suppose to be in. I’m surprised there haven’t been very many accidents because of the confusion going on here lately.”

Starting Monday, if a driver is traveling west on 96th Street and wants to go south on Allisonville Road toward Indianapolis:

  • Turn right onto Allisonville Road and immediately get into the left lane
  • Make a U-turn at the median signal and proceed straight through the intersection, continuing south

If a driver is traveling north on Allisonville Road and wants to go west on 96th Street toward Carmel:

  • Turn right onto 96th Street and immediately get into the left lane
  • Make a U-turn at the median signal and proceed straight through the intersection, continuing west.

The final phase and pavement work should be complete by late-May.


  • Roger

    This traffic pattern is confusing and dangerous. Anyone visiting the Detroit area knows how ridiculous these 'Michigan Left's' are. Let's leave them to Michigan. Maybe Allisonville Rd. should become like Keystone in Carmel.

  • Anonymous

    Need to make a left, no problem! Just 'take a right, so you can go left' or 'go straight to go left'. In the two weeks I've had to sit through this, its now taking me almost twice as long to 'make a left turn' and I have to sit through 3 lights! Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

  • bkr1968

    I am so amazed at how absolutely STUPID Indiana city planners are. First it was the idiotic round abouts and now a 'Michigan Left' to go right, and a right to go left. Indiana is confused enough.

    I tell everyone that mentioning coming here 'welcome to Indiana the truest example of going no where fast.' Now they are living up to the mantra outside of just the race track. Please grow some intelligence.

  • Spam Killer

    Just another reason to avoid Carmel and Fishers. It's bad enough they want to remove our Second Amendment rights now they want us to die in a car crash.

  • Brandon

    Pretty obvious that the jerk that designed this night mare does not live in Fishers.Who ever OKd this should loose their job. People in Michigan hate them, they are terrible.

  • Anonymous

    This is an absolute nightmare! I have been avoiding this intersection and will continue to. I hope the businesses at there can afford to lose more customers.

  • Greg B

    Obviously you people would have to exercise a little intelligence here. I bet you still don't get the concept of the roundabout.

  • Jeff Beck

    I was beginning to think that intersection was a training center for civil engineers now I see that it was a contender for “America’s biggest Joke”

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