This is not a joke.. February temperatures return

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Let me state the headline of this story again, this is not an early April Fools joke.  It would be a lot more entertaining if it was.  Drastically colder air is moving into Central Indiana tonight and this will force temperature back down to mid February-like levels.  But, it does look like this will be winter’s last stand!

First, let’s take a moment and look back on this month of March as it comes to a close.  We finished the month with a beautiful Easter Sunday forecast.  Temperatures actually topped out at 61°F here in Indianapolis. We officially end March with only 4 days that were “above average” when taking into account that day’s high and low temperature.   We also received 14.5” of snow this March.  2.6” of snow is normal! A grand total of 2 days surpassed the 60°F degree mark.  Last year, 23 days went above 60°F.  So from the entire weather team.. WINTER, YOU CAN END NOW!

high today

Easter Sunday High Temperatures

But we cannot ignore the colder air invading tonight.  A cold front is moving in this evening bringing back clouds and light rain showers.  Later on tonight, these isolated showers will become a few flurries, especially near daybreak.  Temperatures will have fallen to the freezing mark for most of Central Indiana.  Skies will be cloudy tomorrow morning as well.


Monday Morning Temperatures

Cloud cover will start to decrease by the noon hour but the chance for some flurries or a brief rain/snow mix will still be possible as these more spotty clouds pass overhead.  Temperatures will remain chilly on Monday afternoon, only topping out around 40°F.


Temperatures will stay chilly again on Tuesday with mostly sunny skies and a high near 39°F.  Sunshine continues on Wednesday and temperatures start to warm back up.  We will return to the mid 40s that afternoon.  Another big jump happens on Thursday to the mid 50s with ample sunshine again.   Finally, by the weekend, temperatures will return to the 60s and there is evidence in the weather models that these warmer temperatures will continue well beyond the weekend.