Greenfield gas station clerk victim of attempted armed robbery

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GREENFIELD, IND. — An armed man forced a gas station clerk from her store at knife-point overnight.

The clerk works at the Speedway gas station in the 1200 block of North State Street, near McKenzie Road, in Greenfield.

Greenfield Detective Sergeant J.D. Fortner told Fox59 they received a panic alarm from the gas station around midnight.

Fortner said the suspect told the clerk to open the register, remove the money and to come with him. He then dragged her out of the store and into the parking lot. Officers responded to the scene quickly and found the suspect trying to force the clerk into his vehicle.

Fortner said officers asked the clerk ‘Did you hit the alarm? Did you hit the alarm?’ The clerk replied ‘Yes, I did!’

As soon as the suspect saw police, he let the clerk go but refused to drop his knife and started to come toward one of the officers. That’s when a second officer used a stun gun to subdue the suspect and took him into custody.

Police said the suspect, identified as Brandon Hendrickson, 35, could face multiple charges, including but not limited to, attempted armed robbery, battery, and criminal confinement.

Medics transported Hendrickson to Hancock Regional Hospital to be checked out.

The clerk suffered minor injuries in the altercation.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >‘Did you hit the alarm? Did you hit the alarm?’

    lol…"WTF does it matter cop? I'm being drug across the parking lot by this 35 year old man that doesn't look a day under 50 and you're worried about who hit the alarm?

  • Guest Name

    OMG! What time was this?? I filled up my car there last night about 10 p.m. after my meeting ended.

  • Guest

    This is rediclous I go to this station everyday everyone there is so nice and caring idk why someone would do this to this poor girl…

  • desperate times?

    Im just guessing but, maybe he lost his mother before his 25 birthday, nearly lost his father before his 33, can barely walk himself, his kid needs medical care, oh and he lost his job and issurance, his medical expenses for himself and child are over $1000 a month, all while the governement told him theres nothing they can do to help him out with disability without a two year battle, because he didn't jump straight on welfare and government assistence when he turned 18. He tried to work hard for his family and provide for them, then fell on really really rough times, more than probably most of us have had to endure, and made a very very bad choice in how he thought he could help his child.
    Don't assume you know, BTW when he went a found that job he lost along with inssurance he had to pass a drug test to get it. SO… i would guess if he is currently on drugs its because he has hit rock bottom and turned down a dark alley. On the possitive side, now that he's potentially going to jail, he's gonna get that medical care he needed for himself. Sadly that still won't include the medical care the rest of his family needs.

  • GAIL

    You know what there is absolutely no excuse for what he did. I am having a hard time too have no groceries and getting ready to lose my house utilities getting shut off because my husband was laid off since november. I have medical issues and no insurance for me or my kids but I will do without or go to a food bank if I absolutely have to. But I WOULD NEVER STEAL OR ATTACK ANOTHER HUMAN BEING BECAUSE I HAVE FALLEN ON HARD TIMES. I HAVE HIT ROCK BOTTOM BUT I AM NOT ON DRUGS,HELL IF YOU CANT AFFORD TO EAT OR TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY WHERE THE HELL YOU GET THE DRUGS. HARD TIMES IS NO EXCUSE FOR HURTING OTHERS

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