Indianapolis one of the worst dressed cities in America

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When it comes to fashion, the Circle City doesn’t rank very high.

In fact, it comes in 10th on a recent list of Worst Dressed Cities in America.

The fashionistas over at say they rated the worst cities based on several factors, including the amount of high end clothing, jewelry and shoe stores per capita.

While Indy didn’t rank very well, it did do better than the worst five. That would be Louisville, Jacksonville, El Paso, Colorado springs and Wichita, Kansas.


  • Dave

    Personally I do not think this a bad thing We have better things to do than worry about what is the latest thing is Some people have to much time and money on there hands There are better things to do

  • rhondaleebaby69

    I can believe this. Have you seen some of the get-ups that people wear out for a nice dinner and a night out on the town? It's embarrassing.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    I used to be very poorly dressed because basically I didn't give a s###. Now I'm somewhat poorly dressed because after 10 years of marriage my wife buys my clothes and throws out the things she deems unnecessary (shirts with holes in them, stains, etc)

    • JaguarSmokeClan

      One of the perks of being married. You don't have to clothes shop for yourself. If you decided to do so, the wife would probably say you bought garbage clothes and would throw them out anyway.

  • Just Saying

    My favorite thing is going to the grocery store or anywhere in public for that matter and seeing people wearing their pajamas and house slippers. What a good example they set for their PWT children. When parents are to lazy to get dressed and don't care about their appearance neither do their children

  • guest

    It is amazing what people will wear to weddings, funerals, and other important gathering. No pajama pants are not acceptable for anywhere but YOUR home. Blue jeans are not nice enough clothes to wear to an important meeting, interview, wedding, or funeral. Dress like you are an adult not a teenager/child. Never prouder than when my daughter wears a nice outfit when the occasion permits and she gets lots of compliments for her appearance (along with her brains)

  • Elee

    Actually, dressing on point reads success! People do judge others on what they wear. You should pay attention. If you look like a slob, you are treated like one. It's simple really.

  • Emily Kay

    It's clothes wow who care's I am a very attractive person, but if I want to wear pajamas out to the store that's because I have worked my butt off hard all week and I want to relax without be uncomfortable in another pair of blue jeans. Now when it come's to dinner's or funerals I dress up with the up most respect. There is to much judging in this world and that's the problem everybody want's someone to dress and be just like them and that's why there is bullying and everything else, just live life to the fullest and stop worrying about everyone else.

    • catlady10

      You are right. It's the judging of what other's wear that creates bullying. If I go to a funeral and the person that p***ed never wore anything but jeans I will dress nicely in jeans and a nice top. I agree, too much judging in this world. I don't know why they are not letting me say passed away.

  • Iggy7303

    Hoosiers are practical, down to earth hard working people. Our women don't have to wear designer clothes to look smokin" hot.

  • Lucy Lu

    I agree that you do not have to wear designer clothes to dress appropriately, however I also agree that all too often people do not dress appropriately for the occasion. I'm sorry jeans are meant for week-ends and causal events, not the office, funerals, weddings, interviews and several other occasions. I'm glad I was taught to dress respectfully for the occasion and that it is always better to be over dressed than under dressed. Target, Walmart and several other discount retailers offer dress slacks for men, women and children.

  • Jamie Yan

    I recently started to show people that Hoosiers have style. How they ranked us based on high-end stores/capita is absurd. Most of the people I photograph shop at thrift stores!

    I'll be starting a new What Indy Wore segment to photograph non street style fashion. I hope to show the rest of the world that Hoosiers do care about their appearance. BTW, the Indy Star has created a new Twitter topic #indydresseswell to do the same.

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