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Homeowner stops break-in, beats and subdues intruder

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A Center Grove man stopped a break-in inside his own home, without using any weapons.

Ray Gephart said he didn’t have time to grab his gun when his wife woke him up to tell him she heard someone downstairs early Saturday morning.

“I came out of my bedroom, almost to the top of these stairs and I could tell someone was in our house,” Melanie Gephart said.

Outside the home, it’s clear 54-year-old Scottie Turner was determined to get inside. It appears Turner tried to break in through a kitchen window before eventually using a rock to shatter a window on the garage door in order to get inside, officials said.

But at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, Ray Gephart said he didn’t know and couldn’t see much of anything.

“As soon as I stepped down the stairs, I looked and he was standing right there (by the front door),” Ray Gephart said. “So I punched him and he went down.”

Melanie Gephart grabbed her phone and called 911, not knowing what was happening downstairs.

“Just the loudest noises ever and I know my husband is down there and as far as I know they are killing him,” Melanie Gephart said. “I don’t know what’s going on. Me and my children could be next, you know, I’m terrified.”

She soon learned the blood on the door belonged to the intruder.

“I just kind of grabbed him by the head and bounced his head off the door and the floor and a few things because he was guarding pretty good,” Ray Gephart said.

After calling 911, Melanie Gephart grabbed her gun and backed up her husband.

“I kept (the gun) pointed at him the whole time,” she said. “I was waiting for instruction from my husband.”

But Ray Gephart said he had Turner under control.

“If you choke somebody it takes a lot of energy out of them,” Ray Gephart said.

By the time Johnson County deputies arrived, Turner didn’t have much energy left. He was also missing a couple teeth.

“It did look like the suspect took the brunt of it,” said Major Jerry Pickett with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

Major Pickett said he doesn’t recommend taking matters into your own hands.

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