Another patient claims local dentist also removed too many teeth

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CORRECTION: In a news report on April 8, 2013 about a man whose dental treatment resulted in the removal of all of his teeth, Fox59 incorrectly reported the name of another dental patient interviewed in the story as “Sheena Cortez.”  The patient’s name is Sheena Castro.

CLARIFICATION:  In the April 8, 2013 story updating developments in a previous story about dental treatment, Fox59 requested comment from Amazing Family Dental, P.C.  Representatives did not comment at that time.  In its initial April 5, 2013 report on this story, however, Fox59 received the following statement from the dental office in response to its request for comment:  “Amazing Family Dental, PC and its Dentist comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) by keeping patient information confidential.  This dental office also cooperates with patients by making patient files available to the patient on the patient’s request.”

A corrected version of the story appears below:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The family of a 21-year-old claims their loved one spent the last two days in the hospital.

Christopher Crist has been fighting an infection allegedly at the hands of an Indy dentist. That dentist still refuses to tell his side of the story.

Crist doesn’t have any teeth now.

“They pulled every last one of them,” said Crist.

Crist said his dentist took out 29 teeth that he did not want pulled while he was sedated.

“I am going to look like a freak now,” said Crist. “Honest to God.”

Sheena Castro was in the exam room next to Crist at the time of his procedure at Amazing Family Dental.

“I have never seen a dentist, pull every one of someone’s teeth out like that,” said Castro.

She said it looked like something out of a horror movie.

“It looked scary,” said Castro.

Castro continues to deal with her own pain. The result of her latest dental visit.

“I am still in pain from the two crowns,” said Castro. “My mouth does not shut all the way. My teeth do not touch.”

After our original story aired, we got more than a dozen calls, all telling a similar story. That story was that the dentist at Amazing Family Dental has been taking out too many teeth.

Rose Hill went to the dentist to take care of one tooth that was bothering her. She said the doctor pulled her entire bottom row.

“I was shocked,” said Hill. “I said, ‘What do you mean you have to take them all? There is not anything wrong with them. They are not bothering me.’”

For a second time, Fox59 went to Amazing Family Dental for an explanation. The doctor never came out of his office, instead he told his staff to call the police.

The family of Crist still plans on suing the dentist. Fox59 is not releasing the dentist’s name because he has not been named in any legal action yet.


  • Amber W

    An east side dentist who removed a 21-year-old's teeth refused to talk to us today… instead, he called the cops on us. More info in Joe LePage's story: Amber Wilburn if you are a news reporter , You should have wrote "instead , he called the Police on us." Instead of the way you wrote it. Just saying.

    • bobby

      If we want to be particular on someones posting and act as if we do not have a life except here on the computer you should know the mistake you made by correcting her. While you were trying to be ignorant and correct the reporter, you should notice that this part of your post is incorrect also: Amber w "You should have wrote…..". If you were so educated on proper English the proper way to say it would be: 'You should have written…." SO do us a favor, keep the reporting to the reporters, or if you try again, we will make an appointment for you at this dentist. YOURE WELCOME !!!

      • welllllllll

        While Bobby is certainly correct in correcting Amber, Ambers point remains valid. The news stories on this website are not written very well. The stories are written more as a blog type posts versus something like a newspaper article.

      • Guesty McGuest

        Her point still stands, this article looks like it was written when the editor was out sick for the day. Here's a fun game: find all the errors in the article. Just a cursory glance reveals an incomplete sentence, and an extraneous comma, and that's ignoring several instances of questionable word choice or word repetition.

    • y+ou=idiot

      there are plenty of different levels of autism…not everyone with autism should be treated like a child and have their hand held throughout life.

  • Guest 53

    @Amber W
    Maybe if you are going to editorialize and critique the man writing you should use the word written rather than wrote! Just saying!

  • Guest

    Wow Fox you should check out the house this "JOKE" of a dentist lives in. Almost 8,000 sq feet and over $560,000.00 I say he is doing something with these teeth he is pulling!!!

    • kittygirl20768

      Every dentist I've ever been to lived in a mansion, had at least one vacation condo, and drove a $60K+ car parked right outside the door. All dishonest if you ask me. Avoid ones who are in solo practice like the plague.

  • Guest

    This isn't even funny!!! Shame on the dentist. Yeah! Go ahead and sue them. They have to pay for him to have new teeth,

  • Jessica

    Chris has been a brother to me for years since I was a little girl, you guys make me sick on here talking sh**. He is fuc*ing disabled! He doesn’t do or take drugs, he always worked and took care of his damn family especially with his grandmother as well who just r recently passed. He s not disabled ignorant stupid challenged he s a normal person, you guys seriously disgust me talking crap. Doesn’t matter if he put himself on the news ever since he has look at how’ many people built the courage to say what that’s dentist did to them! Ugh this world is really something else.!

      • anon

        I believe so- Autism is a recognized disability, & I still think someone from his family should've been there with him to protect his rights. If the other teeth were good, the dentist pulled them all for the medicaid reimbursement; he should also be prosecuted for Medicaid fraud for pulling teeth that didn't need pulled. This needs to be brought to the attention of Medicaid's fraud dept!

    • Jordan

      I must have missed something, but almost everyone on here is on Chris' side! What are you talking about? Clean up your mouth and explain the situation with some class and more people will listen to you! I feel terrible for this young man whether he is disabled or not! Just because someone is disabled does not make them normal! It seems to me that you're hurting him more than helping…think just a little bit before you post.

    • southsideguy

      yeah why so defensive , i havent seen one bad remark about this young man , espcially about any drug use , which you were quick to defend him for , no body brought that into question , now calm down and have some class we are all behind him !

    • anon

      If you don't like reading the negative comments on this story, do yourself a favor & don't open the articles about it. The people who post them don't know him like you do and make judgments. Right or wrong, this forum is a kangaroo court & people will judge & voice their opinions. Whether they believe that Chris is a meth addict or not, all agree that the dentist was WRONG to pull all of his teeth & needs to be disciplined, up to & including major fines, restitution to Chris, and most importantly, he should lose his license.

    • Thanks Jessica

      Then why is he getting disability? Based on the comments(archived) of a few friends and family of this kid, he's getting disability payments.

      If he's not disabled in some way, shape or form why is he getting these alleged disability payments. As a taxpayer, I want to know how this is possible.

      Jessie girl, I think you may have let the cat out of the bag…..

      I'm writing to the government as we speak.

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >The doctor never came out of his office, instead he told his staff to call the police.

    Maybe because you were on his property trying to solicit an interview he didn't want. I'm sure you were asked to leave and didn't thus the cops were called.

    Were it me I'd have done a "Mr. Burns" and released the hounds!


    • anon

      The dentist doesn't have to grant an interview. Because he's being sued, anything he says will be used against him, unless all he says is "No comment." Because if HIPAA privacy laws, he cannot discuss the details of the case with anyone, especially the media. Even though I believe that he is wrong in pulling all of the patient's teeth, I have to take the dentist's side in refusing to be interviewed.

  • FutureIsOnUs

    Amazes me how Fox is screaming about the dentist calling the police. There are HIPPA laws and he/she would not have been able to discuss this case further more there is a threat of a lawsuit so again the Dentist could not discuss this case. As for the friends posting that this man is NOT in some form disabled you are hurting his case more then helping. Either he was of sound mind and able to sign the proper paper work to have this done or his parent(s) were neglectful in sending in a challenged person to have this done. Was the Dentist office aware of his mental prior to all of this? Did the dentist pull the wrong teeth because of chart mix up? There are so many unanswered questions that no one should be blaming anyone at this point. We do not know the Dentist side, we do not know what this guy signed etc. All we do know is a parent openly admitted he is Autistic no matter the spectrum a responsible adult should have been with him PERIOD!!!

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Fox isn't helping the case either by showing the guy running around with a mouth full of gauze.

    I keep thinking about the Christmas show where Hermes pulled the Bumble's teeth out. Then it got up and tried to growl and be all nasty and Yukon Cornelious took him over the edge.

    lol @ the bumble getting up and growling with only gums.

  • ofcourse

    Why did I know this was gonna be some foreign quack. Hope he at least has good malpractice insurance. I still don't understand how you just lay there and allow all your teeth to be pulled and not have a clue what was going on. I've spent many hours in the dental chair some with sedation and I still knew what was happening. Still this guy deserves whatever he gets from the lawsuit and hopefully he gets implants dentures are not the way to go for someone this young.
    BTW fox news is doing their job investigating this. I would like to hear what the dentist that actually pulled the teeth has to say. Maybe he barley speaks or reads English??

  • SThom

    If Fox News set up a fund, could people donate to the fund to help this young man get a reputable, skilled dentist to help him at this point? The funds would go directly to the dentist. Maybe a dentist in the area would donate some of his or her skills and time to help this man. He is so young. A little compassion and assistance may help him deal with this traumatic experience and the lifelong consequences of what happened.

  • Guest799

    Without knowing both sides of this story, I can state the Doctor is following the mandates of HIPPA. By law and for patient's confidentiality, no doctor is allowed to discuss or share any information regarding his patients' medical history, treatment plan, procedures performed, etc. HIPPA mandates do not simply vanish because a news reporter has questions that most assuredly will involve releasing confidential information. Years of dental neglect can play havoc even with a relatively young person's teeth. Before someone replies that lack of money prevents their receiving yearly cleanings and dental check-ups, it should be shared with local people that totally FREE dental care does exist here in Indy at the Blue Triangle Wellness – Dental Center, 725 North Pennsylvania. The clinic is open three days per week and has a paid full-time Registered Dental Hygienist and Dental Assistant on staff. Licensed Dentists volunteer their time and services during the 3 days the clinic is open. My husband is a Dentist and volunteers his services two days per month as do countless other Dentists. Last year, over 3000 patients received free dental care at this location. So, if you need your teeth checked, cleaned, need a root canal and a crown, need dentures or partial denture, need relief from a toothache, then please call 639-5645.

    • agunn1974

      Why is it you can talk about patient confidentiality and mandates, but still not know that the acronym is HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and not HIPPA – whatever that stands for??I know that you are offering some help to people who are unable to afford dental care, but not make yourself look ignorant.

  • maria

    First of all,what should it matter the ability or disability of the patient?? it does'nt!!! the fact of the matter is that dentist was wrong in pull'n all tht kids teeth whn he only need'd 3 of thm pull'd!!! & if u watch the video he was'nt the 1'st patient 2 b treat'd tht way!!! the moral 2 the story is the dentist shld'nt b doin business as a dentist,thts 4 sure..& now tht kid has 2 suffer with the end results 2 tht idiots actions!! wer's peoples compassion?? Poor kid has 2 live wit the humility!! i kno there's dentures now,but thts not the point!! the point is it never should of happen'd n the 1st place!!!

    • georgia

      @maria, the reason so many of the posts on this forum mention disability or autism is because Fox 59 reported this information in its original story. I'm unsure why the reporter felt the need to include autism as a factor in the story, but he certainly did. Reporting that a person is autistic can be a double-edged sword. On one side, linking autism to the young man can engender public sympathy based on human nature. On the flip side, reporting that the young man is autistic naturally raises the question of why was he not accompanied to the dentist office by a family member, family friend, or neighbor.

  • Guest799

    Attached is a listing of locations that offer free or low cost dental care to the public. The list was compiled and posted Online as a public service from the Indiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD).

    Perhaps Fox 59 can turn this young man's misfortune into an investigative report revealing the dental and oral health needs of Central Indiana.

  • stein2010

    What this dentist did was totally jacked up, I hope the family sues the crap out of this dentist. Until then I'd suggest dentures :-/

  • Jon Anthony

    The name “Amazing Family Dental” is a dead give-away to me that the practitioners therein were perhaps certified “far, far away…”

    kinda like …. “Pretty Nails”, or “Renovation Barber Shop”

  • Doodlebug2222

    Every single time I went to my dentist I had to sign a form giving them permission to do specific work to my or my daughters mouths – in order for the insurance company to pay. It is very sad this dentist did this – but I have seen (was in the office) when one of my dentists assists preped and pulled the wrong persons teeth.

  • Anonymous

    And now the dentist office contact number is Not In Service…. HOW FUNNY, sorry for all those people. Teeth are a big deal, people look at teeth before anything else. Hope he gets them fixed.

  • scooterdie

    The doctor does have questions to answer, but I am sick of watching shows where the reporter just ambushes people. I'd pay money to see someone give a good beating to the people, or for the police to take them away in handcuffs.

  • Daniel

    Sorry, but if you walk into a dentist and see that it is a fly-by-night operation, ask to sit on a folding chair and stuff, then you deserve whatever you get.

  • Angie

    OK so I went here in Jan. and got 4 teeth pulled and I was miserable for a good 4 weeks. I couldn't talk or eat. Went back because I thought I had a bad infection or something but he just gave me more pills and said it was "normal" wow something is defiantly up with this dentist office. I explained my pain to people as someone stabbing me with needles and having sandpaper rubbed in my mouth. Worse thing I have ever been through

  • y+ou=idiot

    wow im amazed to see how many people on here are experts on HIPPA laws…glad to see we have alot of doctors on here

  • Lu Plonski

    I suggest this "dentist" er… Costumed character POSING as one… should be no less than ARRESTED for the harm he has caused multiple clients. I am shocked that the police do not feel inclined to get this man before a judge ASAP… next week we will probably be hearing he jumped on a jet to only God knows where… so he doesn't have to pay for the damages many have incurred assuming he was a real dentist with any Care for his clients.

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