Judge revokes license of local pet shop where hundreds of animals were seized

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A judge revoked the license Monday of an Indianapolis pet shop, where hundreds of animals were seized during a raid last month.

On March 14, authorities seized nearly 400 dogs, birds, lizards and fish from the Fish Bowl Pet Shop on the city’s east side, after they were found to have been living in deplorable conditions.

Animal Care and Control issued 581 citations to the store’s owner, Bill Houston, following their investigation.  Officials said they found dead fish lining the tops of aquarium tanks, animals lying in their own feces and sick and wounded lizards.

Houston has 20 days to decide on an appeal.


  • guest guest

    To be clear, there were not 400 dogs. There were a couple of dogs, several birds, several lizards, and the majority of the animals were fish.

  • Rock

    Once agin the long arm of our government meddle sin our daily lives. Hey 59, do your homework. The IMPD PIO is a total idiot. Ummm,it was not even close to 581 citations..once agin,lies by the IMPD PIO

  • maryllen frazier

    yall crazy because bill cleans thanks and everythang in the pet shop so somebody lied on him because i was there yesterday to visit and everything was clean.

  • Luann Cox

    however many citations or how many dogs taken is not the main thing here if conditions are not fit im glad someone was here to do something about it

  • Rick

    Never been there, but since it was called the "Fish Bowl" I would assume that the majority of the "animals" seized were fish. Bad news for you 59, fish are NOT animals. I understand the authorities are trying to protect the "animals" on one hand, but then when someone (a federal marshal) who shoots a very small dog………with a handgun……….. and walks away with no charges ?? Seems to me that the city is looking to collect a large fine to go into someones pocket on this one. 581 citations ??? What , one charge for every guppie ??

  • Matt

    What license what revoked? Business license or does Indianapolis have one just for pet stores? regardless close any that are not treating animals correcty or keeping them in filthy conditions.

  • Rain

    59 lost their new director, that is obvious. Look at their stores, it loks oike teh star and 59 are sharing interns inteh copy department

  • jeffersonhal

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