Lawmakers change wording of controversial farm bill

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Hoosier lawmakers continue debating a controversial bill that would prohibit undercover videos from being taken at Indiana farms.

The House Judiciary Committee advanced that bill Monday, but not before making major changes that removed some of the language dealing specifically with video.  The bill now focuses on those who trespass or lie on their job applications.

Opponents had expressed concerns about the constitutionality of the bill, which now heads to the full House for its approval.


  • Debbie

    "change the wording" or not… it still sucks…just drop it…if there's nothing to hide there is no problem!!!!

  • Sunshine

    I am just about to give up voting! These people we elect don't have a lick of common sense or a heart. The way these animals are treated before and as they are slaughtered is HORRIBLE. I wish there were stricter laws for that instead of laws to hide their actions. And the same goes for puppy mills and people who severely mistreat their pets. And surprisingly the Amish are some of the worst!

    • 'Thor'

      You PETA people need to address a serious problem. The southern states have a huge problem with wild feral hogs and the large amount of damage they do. Maybe you all could go talk to these feral hogs and tell them how to behave.

      The goals of PETA are listed below. These are not nice people.

      • 'Thor'

        Lvestock abuse is rare and has no benefit to the producers. Feral hogs are a REAL problem, maybe you can talk to them and make them behave. If you have childern cameras need to be put in your home to make sure they're not abused. Same thing.

      • Debbie

        what rock do you live under..?…livestock abuse is not rare…and we're not talking about southern states, this is Indiana…?……I've never seen a feral hog and i live in the country so can't say i'm a feral hog whisperer….
        Ohhh and no kids here…what about at your place…need cameras..?

      • 'Thor'

        You're not paying attention Debbie. Southern Indiana is starting to have problems with feral hogs. Come join us in the real world. A farmer brings a product to market, the better the product the more he makes, so it is rare. Just a matter of common sense and I know you don't get it.

      • Debbie

        I am not involved with Peta, nor have I ever been….and again..I live in Morgan Monroe forestry and have never seen a feral pig or even heard of this "problem" until you brought it up…except on that reality show about feral pig slayers…maybe you should call them if you have a pig problem…..And as you accused me of "not paying attention" i must return that statement….because if you read my first one I said drop the bill,…..that leaves more time open for pushing your pig slaughter laws

      • 'Thor'

        Okay, low-information it is. What is the purpose of the bill? Read the bill and what you just said makes zero sense. It is called 'doublespeak' If I have a critter problem I can and will take care of it. I'm too far north for feral hogs to be a problem. I'm glad you learned something, but as far as you and PETA goes, quit using their talking points and I'll believe you.

      • Debbie

        again with the Peta crap…my opinions have nothing to do with Peta…..or their "talking points"… My beliefs are my beliefs, the way I was grandfather taught me to respect a living things, that NO animal in captivity should suffer abuse…deprivation of food and water, inadequate shelter from elements and unnecessary pain and torture at the hands of humans……it's called sympathy and empathy for a creature that has no control at all over it's basic needs and has no choice but to live in misery….it's called having a heart……my friends and family love me for my convictions to the plight of the abused, whether it be livestock, pets or wildlife……. Zero sense…?…… the f 'ing bill is stupid……again, if there is no abuse happening in these places then there's nothing for these "farmers" to be upset about….let the cameras in and prove you're humane…..

      • 'Thor'

        "if there is no abuse happening in these places then there's nothing for these "farmers" to be upset about…."

        Except a violation of their civil rights and that does matter. You're so skewed in thinking that you're of the belief that a person has to 'prove they;re innocent'? Debbie, you got it all backwards and proves yet again that you're a low-information person. Join us in the real world and stop being a mooncalf.

        Stop with the PETA nonsense.That is exactly how you sound.

  • Jack

    Indiana is fast becoming the most laughed at state in America..This and also if you have a joint you are a felon..yes the legislature passed a bill, if you have a joint,you will be charged as a felon…Pence is taking us backwards.

    • 'Thor'

      I don't know about the so called puppy mills, but I do know about farming and by the ignorance seen here these people don't.

      If common sense is 'backwards', I'm all for it.

  • 'Thor'

    If you are involved with PETA and have childern you're a bad person. Read the above link. How many animals has PETA killed this year. Just a bunch of hypocrites trying to tell other people what to do and try to FORCE them into their religion (cult).

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