Missing local woman found safe, transported to hospital to be checked out

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A 24-year-old woman who was reported missing since Saturday morning has been found and is safe, said police Monday.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said Nakiesha Robinson was located in the 3300 block of Heather Ridge Drive.

Robinson was transported to an area hospital to be evaluated, but police said she is expected to be released later in the day.

Officers have been searching for Robinson since she disappeared from her aunts house in the 1200 block of South Manhattan Ave.

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  • anonymous

    Well, there's how your Robinson story worked out Clan- I hope you feel stupid for posting your idiotic comment on the previous story now!!

    • ClanSmokeJaguar

      Of course they would post she was found. In between her disappearance and now, nary a peep out of the media would've been heard.

      Don't be stupid.

      If you think otherwise fact-check the number of missing women in the past 8 months in Indiana.

      If they're non-white, old, non-female, and not pretty they are getting little to no coverage.


      • anonymous 2

        Your insecure to say the least. The fact checker shows more white females have come up missing than black females to begin with. It has nothing to do with race – since that is all you can judge on. It has everything to do with the circumstances surrounding the case and MONEY. If you base all your beliefs of how society is treating a race based on media attention, then you aren't any better than the other hate seeking mongers out there.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar


        That's just one of the articles buttressing my point moron.

        If that doesn't suit your taste google up "Kym Pasqualini" who was president of the National Center for Missing Adults.

        She also stated the obvious bias in the media.

        So…at any point you may apologize to me for doubting what is clearly obvious.

        If you're not insecure and a man you will recognize your mistake, accept it, accept I am correct, and apologize.

        I'm waiting. 🙂

      • anonymous

        People like you are who make racists idiots more racist. Making a story about a nice, young missing person about race was IDIOTIC on your part, and no one else's. Who in their right mind would apologize to a moron like yourself? I'm surely not! Lauren got all of the media attention starting DAYS after she was missing.. Not a few days later, and she got the attention b/c her WEALTHY parents PAID FOR IT!! It had nothing to do with race. Whether I am black, white, purple, yellow, orange or brown, I'm still going to read about missing persons, pray for their safe being and keep on their stories. I hope you feel ashamed adding to all of the idiocracy this site already has.. you are constantly defending the African American race on here from the idiots who post negativity about it, so why would you stir it up with your original comment from the original story- b/c you're racist yourself, or because you are just as dumb as all of them?

        I'm waiting 🙂

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Blah blah blah.

        I didn't figure you'd have the grapes necessary to admit when wrong.

        And BTW, you idiot…I am Black! So there goes another of your scatter brained hypothesis.


      • anonymous

        Exactly, why I stated that i WAS AWARE that you constantly defend the black race- so why would you stir it up?? I am well aware what race you are, I read your stupidity on here DAILY! I am black too, and you and your comments make me sick.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Sorry…I skimmed your earlier blathering. I was looking for an admittance to being wrong and an apology. I guess it won't be coming, eh?

        >I read your stupidity on here DAILY

        lol! If it's so stupid then why are you reading it daily? That's not very smart.

      • anonymous

        AND.. I'm not anonymous2 who you asked for an "admittance" and an "apology" from.. another stupid comment made by you.

      • anonymous

        "nah fool" .. and I'm done.. you just put this conversation to rest with that. oh and for the record, I'm a mortgage consultant. I graduated college with a masters degree and I"m sitting in this office bored b/c I choose to only work part time so I can take care of my children, to be sure they don't turn out to be like you.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar



        Where'd you go? It's your turn…time to throw an insult my way.

        Oh well…a large group of customers must have showed up with a large Fish and More order.


      • local citizen


        You have, by far, the best troll skills on the FOX59 website. Amends to you for providing me with daily entertainment.

  • anon

    I don't care what race she is, i'm just glad for her family and friends' sake that she was found, and is safe! That's way more important than the color of her skin.

  • Cindy

    all the negative comments from negative minds glad she was found safe maybe she had a medical condition or something the ones making rude comments need horse whipped

  • kels :D

    lmfao ClanSmokeJaguar…is a complete RACIST idiot u just have to ignore his dumbness he spends aaallllllll day on the computer as far as I can tell LMFAO

    • local citizen

      Of course ClanSmokeJaguar spends all day on the computer, he works as a software developer. He gets paid to troll you guys during work.

  • K-anne

    CLAN…. I was wondering where you were. Hadnt seen you for awhile, I was going to put out a missing person alert, but then I remembered you are black, so no one would've listened. Oh… good to see ya. lol.

    SOrry, I am ALSO glad the young lady is safe now!

  • Guest

    Clan makes all of us people of color just look stupid. I don't know where his mind is, but it is just sad. What can be a forum for idea sharing and people giving hope in a kind of sad world is just made ugly by him. This whole site would be so much nicer and more positive if he would just stay off of it. I pretty much stopped reading the news on this station because thankfully I don't see his negativity on the other ones. But the one day I check back here, first time in weeks, he hasn't let up. And if he is so much less biased, brighter and smarter than all of the reports and reporters he constantly criticizes I wish he would go apply for a job at Fox 59 so he could just write the article himself. Now, I have a line of customers waiting on their fish and more that I need to tend to. We can't all be genius multi-tasking know it all never wrong software developers.

  • ClanSmokeJaguire

    I dont got no issues at all. I voted for Obama, so IM taken care of for at least three years. These extra EBT cars are nice.I gottem cause Im close to Andre Carson

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