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Bill would shorten school day for top-performing schools

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The Indiana House may vote on a bill that would reduce the school day for some students around the state.

The bill they are debating will allow the top-performing school districts to set their own schedules.

An amendment would eliminate the requirement for the schools to provide six hours of education each day.

The schools that would be eligible are the one that receive an “A” under the state’s accountability grading system.


  • guest

    What a ridiculous waste of energy. Don't lawmakers have more important issues to pursue than to mess with something that's already working?!

  • guest

    This will be hard on parents too if schools are changing schedules. Then they will have to pay for after school care if they are working.

  • martinstucky

    Do the successful schools want to let the kids out early or does the teacher's union want to get off after only 5 hours a day rather than six?

  • rod

    thiis has to be a union thing the top performing schools make the others look bad so if they shorten the school day so the the top school will then fall back to the level of the others then making bad teachers look good

    • martinstucky

      Typical teacher union: lower the bar to bring up the average. Teachers should only be paid based upon the success of the students on standardized tests which they have no control over (IE can't give high grades not earned or extra credit etc.)
      This would straighten out some of the lower performing teachers and reward the top performers with a pay raise.

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