Dozens of dead animals found at property in Madison Co.

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farmAnimal Care and Control are investigating after a large number of dead farm animals were found inside a barn in North Central Indiana.

Officials were called to a property on 1700 North between 350 and 400 West on reports of a foul stench Tuesday evening. Initial reports had indicated the property was in Strawtown. The property is actually north of Elwood, Ind.

HAZMAT crews were also called to the scene shortly after police obtained a search warrant.

Dozens of horses, goats, sheep, geese, cows and chickens were found inside the barn. Sources said the animals that are still living are just skin and bones.

The Animal Protection League, Inc., has asked area farmers to be ready to take in sick animals. Specific information on how to help the animals has not been released yet.

Veterinarians from across the state are being called in to treat the live animals, which officials will not be able to move until Wednesday morning.

Police are currently working to find tscenehe property owners. Neighbors said the owners routinely sold animals in Strawtown, Ind.

A press conference will also be held Wednesday.


  • Chaka Gray

    Does,it really matter where the hell it is?! Jeez people. Why don't you people start thinking about how you can help?

  • jd4320t

    Farm animals…sure it's sad but let's just put them down and move on. No sense in trying to treat and save them. :facepalm:

  • Mark

    I have as feeling the property owners were on vacation. Either they didn't care about the animals or they didn't have someone to watch over them.

    • Guest

      On vacation? Are you as much of an idiot as you sound? How long do you have to be on vacation for large animals to starve?

  • christine

    This story makes me sick. Why would someone do this to these animals. Wish there was something I can do to help

  • Diana

    Come on! Whoever did this knew what they were doing! Animals aren't starved to the point of skin and bones without someone noticing. And in weather like we've been having, why would all those animals be closed up in a barn? Here's an idea. When the culprit(s) are found and convicted, why not lock them in a barn, make them live in their own waste, and starve to the point of becoming skin and bones?

  • Guest

    Starwtown is South and Summittville is actually East. I'm orriginally from Elwood so everybody get your directions straight! God it's annoying!!!! The point is some idiot let a bunch of innocent animals die and stacked them in a barn or something.

  • Michael

    So many people arguing about the location, and wher it exactly is, heck maybe the owners didn't know where their farm was to go feed the animals. Just kidding…..This is so terrible. If you cannot afford feed then sell the animals or give them away. Wheni had a farm i always took care and fed and watered the animals before i ate.

  • disappointed

    Breaks my heart but I do believe I know who this is the addresses match up and the names. Sad I didn't think they could do something like this. I pray I'm wrong but facts dont lie.

  • Cindy

    @ Jenn apparently if the living were skin and bones id say they freaking starved to death I hate people who are cruel to animals I hope they are found and thrown in jail and never let out

  • k coolidge

    Those people need to be hunted down like they would a serial killer, and when caught treated as such…

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