Neighbors brought together by fire hope their story saves lives

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INDIANAPOLIS – A woman risked her own safety to climb into her neighbor’s burning home and get her out, leaving both with a message they hope will save lives.

Lois Sprinkle’s house on the east side caught fire Sunday morning. Sprinkle was asleep and had taken the batteries out of her smoke detectors because they were beeping.

Sprinkle’s neighbor, Michelle Hargraves, saw the fire and broke through a front window to save her.

“It was just blazing. The whole garage as blazing and it was coming out onto the porch,” Hargraves said.

She got Sprinkle out as the house quickly filled with smoke. Without the smoke alarms, Sprinkle might never have woken up.

“She saved my life… I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her,” Sprinkle said.

Both women want everyone to check their own smoke detectors and never take the batteries out instead of replacing them.

“That night I (came) home and said, ‘Put back up (my) smoke detectors right now,'” Hargraves said.

“I don’t care how much they aggravate me. They’re going back up,” Sprinkle said.

Sprinkle plans to fix her home up and move back. Hargraves said she’ll be the first one to go over and check out those new smoke detectors.

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  • Steven

    doesnt matter how many times your alarms go off when your making that pizza in the oven…keep the batteries in them and keep them up. Doesnt matter how many times you need to grab the kitchen towel and wave it under the smoke detectors

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