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Police increase Monon patrols as weather warms up

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INDIANAPOLIS — Metro Police plan to increase patrols on the Monon Trail.

According to IMPD spokesperson Kendale Adams, the added patrols are something the department has done for several years as the summer months approach.

The increased presence will include officers from Metro’s mounted and canine sections, as well as park rangers.

Not all officers will be in marked police vehicles or in uniform. Adams said some officers will be walking the trail in street clothes while off-duty.

IMPD has patrolled the trail for several years, Adams added, and the department intends to deter crime with the added patrols.


  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    It used to be that as long as you were with someone going south of 52 street you were okay.

    Now the animals are coming further north. I guess hunting in their habitat is poor so they're migrating north.

    Whenever I run the Monon I simply don't go south of 62 street during slow days and alone.

    • Chris

      There are no animals on that trail. Deer and raccoons and possums don't come there, too many people. That IS what you meant right Clan??????????

      • ClanSmokeJaguar


        I meant two legged mammals that prey on the unprepared.

        And I ain't talking no g-damn chimp or baboon either!


  • southsideguy

    when i read park rangers I immediatley thought of yogi bear and boo boo taking a pic-a-nic basket and running down the monon.

  • ChristaB

    What the Monon really needs are emergency call button stations. I've been running on there for quite a while and Crime isn't the only threat. Many people can collapse due to heat and illness. I once saw an elderly man trip and fall and he appeared to have a broken nose. People helped him, but thank goodness there were people around. I also was chase by a pit bull on the trail. Thankfully some other runners helped me. The Monon should really have the emergency call button stations that you see on college campuses and along the canal. That makes more sense.

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